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Presentation from Tourism for Help Cambodge .pdf

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Tourism Training Center
By :Mr. Pen Sokha
Project Coordinator



Tourism for Help ( TfH) is a non-profit, non-religious,
association based in Switzerland and
Managed by an experienced team, active in the
humanitarian area and responsible for the overall
operation of the Center and for providing feedback to the
Project Coordinator on policies and the operation of the


Mission, Goal, and Objectives
Mission : To link between TFH with authorities, local
NGOs, and population of Stung Treng.
Goal: To develop life skills for vulnerable people (in their
locality, district or country) or/and contribute to the
protection to their environment.
 To operate tourism training center
 To promote and exchange the culture between the
host and the visitors.
 To provide short training course related to tourism to
local poor and vulnerable people for their future.

Tourism for Help’s project in Stung Treng
Le Tonle Tourism Training Center ( TTC)

TTC is a main project of TfH which is working to reduce poverty
through sustainable tourism and aiming at providing
disadvantaged youth with training in tourism and environmental
related fields.


Location of TTC

Located along Sekong river in Prek village, Stung Treng
commune, Stung Treng district and Stung Treng
Around 600 meters west of 15 minutes by walking


Functions of TTC

Application Guesthouse ( two single rooms and
two double rooms)
Application Restaurant
Training center



2007-2008 : 8 poor students
2008-2009 : 12 poor students
2009-2010 : 18 poor students
2010-2011 : 18 poor students
Practical courses :

House keeping
Khmer and foreign catering
Customer relations
First aid
Theoretical courses :
General English
Computer and basic accounting
Guiding and receptionist


The criteria of students' selections

17-23 year-old
Minimum grade 9 ( failed)
Living in big family ( minimum 3 members)
Earning less than 1$/ day
Basic knowledge of English
Unlimited students' home town
Have enough time
Have strong motivation


6- Methods for recruitment


Oral test

Writing test

Home visit

Final selection

General Outcome

2007-2010 : 38 students graduated
90% of them have been employed in hotel, guesthouse,
restaurant, private school, NGOs, companies…
2010-2011: 18 students are still on the training


Cost of project

For the year 2007-2009 : USD 28,000.00
For the year 2009-2011 : USD 32,680.00
All the cost including: students allowance, house fee,
staffs, teachers, water and electricity, tax, health

Financial Aspect

Receive overall donation from fund raising by Tourism
for Help Switzerland and recently by Tourism for Help
Generate income from guesthouse, restaurant and other
possible services ( package tour, bicycles, internet,
cooking courses…) in the project.

Continuing project (2010-2011)

18 students are on the project of training
Networking and making partnership with other NGOs, travel
agencies, hotel, guesthouse and companies.
Increase more promotion of existing restaurant and
guesthouse to national and international tourist
Strengthening training quality through clear planning and


Local Partners

Ministry of Tourism in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Department of Tourism in Stung Treng
Ministry of foreign affairs, Cambodia
Other local and international NGO’s such as MEDICAM
(for example) in Cambodia.

Learning by doing


History and Geography





Process to elaborate the curriculum.

Set annual curriculum
Theoretical and Practical courses.
weekly evaluation and monthly result to assess the
students progress.
Review in every quarter to find out students weakness
and strength
Invite speakers to make presentation every quarter
Study tour at the end of training period

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