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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Billy Connors:
The young actor Miles Elliot was casted as Billy for the film ''The Amazing Spider-Man''.
All of his scenes were ultimately cut out from the final cut, the theatrical release.
Billy was supposed to appear in 3 scenes with Dr. Connors:
- a scene after peter answers the door
- a scene where Dr. Connors gets mad at him :
In a deleted scene, Billy is about to go to school with his friends, when he sees his father, who
calls for him.
Billy notices some strange scales on his father's neck, but the man tells him not to think about
Curt tells his son that he'll be gone for some time because of some researches of him, then, he
tells him to ignore the previous teachings from his mother and himself of "don't strike in
return when you are hit by someone".
Perplexed, Billy leaves on the school bus.
- and at the end of the film with Dr. Connor`s wife.

Martha Connors:
Unknown scene

Extended scene : Flashback scene with Richard Parker

Richard Parker: Peter, someday you’ll understand …

Extended scene / Peter’s speech (Director commentary):

(source : Walmart bonus DVD behind the scene)
Peter: Flash, come on, put him down …
Extended scene – Basketball (cut line)

Flash: What’s the matter with you Parker?!

Alternate spiders Chamber scene:

(source: teaser trailer – 4 minute preview)
In this previz, the spider bite is provoked by the fact that a scientific from Oscorp enter
the spider chamber. Peter panics and hurt the structure full of spiders, which stops like
in the final cut.
Then he escapes the chamber, at the eyes of the scientific guys

Alternate scene – Peter and Connors: the equation

Peter is showing Curt Connors the missing algorithm in a totally different setting than
the final film. He’s filling it in on a chalk board in what we can assume is Connor’s
home office:
Peter: I’m gonna show you some of my father has been working on.
Connors: You always see very bright Peter, like your father. I can see him in you!

Extended scene – Peter practicing his powers/Extended skateboard montage:

2) Agility

3) Spider sense


Extended scene (cut line) – Peter and Connors –testing the equation

Connors: Ready to play God ?
Unknow scene / Alternate scene:

Peter Parker at Oscorp, wearing an Oscorp Lab coat.

Deleted scene – Connors’ Condolences

Connors: Hey!
Peter: Hey …
Connors: Gwen tell me about your uncle. I’m sorry… I … I remember your father telling me
he was a … draftsman?
Peter : Bridges. He built bridges.
Connors: Bridges are America’s cathedrals. Wonderful creations. When you’re ready, I hope
you come back to the lab. Well you know you’re always welcome at Oscorp!
Peter: I got to get inside …
Connors: Peter! Hey …
Peter: Is that Fred ?
Connors: The one and only. One, two, three, four…
Peter: You did it!
Connors: WE did it! You loved your uncle … Then do something for him, get to work!
Peter: Do what?
Connors: I don’t know … Build your own cathedrals! A mon avis you have to try to
remember … We must be greater than what we suffer.
Next scene: Peter going after Uncle Ben’s killer.

Extended scene : Spider-Man suit first POV scene – parkour

Extended car thief scene: Baseball mime

- Cowboy (Kellogs clip)

Deleted scene : Doorman scene

Doorman: Wow! Can I help you Sir ?
Peter: Yeah, No I’m good! I’m gonna probably
Doorman: You are dropping off or you’re picking up?
Peter: About, what?
Doorman: You’re dropping off or you’re picking up? You’re messenger you have package so
dropping off or you’re picking up.
Peter: I’m not a messenger, I don’t … I’ve got a … I have a diner with
Doorman What’s in the bag?
Peter: I’ve got to go to diner!
Doorman Who you get to see?
Peter: Gwen Stacy. You know Gwen?
Doorman: You’re name?
Peter: Peter! Sorry, Peter Parker, why ?
Doorman: Can I see you turning you ? You open the bag please … No bag, no Gwen!

EXTENDED scene: Diner with the Stacy family

(source: trailer 3)

(source: teaser trailer - teaser – 4 minute preview – trailer 3)
George Stacy: So …Tell us a little bit about yourself Mr Parker.
Peter: No most to tell already
George stacy: What does your father do Peter?
Peter: I never really knew my father... My parents left when I was very young.
Gwen: Peter lives with his aunt and uncle.
Peter: Um, just my aunt actually, my uncle died not too long ago (source : ???)
Extended scene: Bridge
- Car damaged

In this extended scene, the car driver of Dr Ratha exit the car. There’s a camera zoom
on what’s happening further on the bridge.

Next scene: Ratha’s car is hurted by other cars / panic on the bridge.

Ratha tries to exit the car. His car driver comes back and tries to broke the glass with
his gun. But after having seen something, he escape the bridge too.
Next scene: The Lizard attack Dr Ratha’s car.

- Ratha and Spider-Man

Previz and BTS:
1) Ratha wakes up wounded, is scared of noises on the car, meet spider-man – unknown

2) Global look

3) Spider-Man leave Ratha to save a young boy

Next scene: Peter saves the young boy.

Note: You can clearly see in that shot that Ratha’s car window is opened like in the
previz shot.

5) Deleted shot

Deleted scene: Hacking Connors

Ratha ‘hacks’ his way into Connors scientist’s network, locating him on sewer GPS, and
even accessing his videoblogs.

Extended scene – Peter and Gwen- football

(source: 4 minute preview – trailer 3 Australian – tv spots)
Coach: Hey P arker ! You wanna play football
Peter: No … To dangerous!
Deleted scene: Peter tracking Connors
Scene before: Peter in Connors’s lab

Next scene : Peter warns Captain Stacy about Connors/The Lizard.

Extended / Alternate scene – Sewer fight
- Extended scene

- Alternate scene: Lizard attack

Extended scene : Peter and Gwen dialogue (Gwen’s chamber)

Gwen: You’re a very wanted man Peter Parker … My dad has five hundred officers looking
for you.
Peter: Five hundreds? Hum … It’s seems a bit excessive.

Other deleted lines:
Gwen : You should know what you’re up against.
Deleted scene – Date scene between Peter and Gwen + kiss scene
- scene 1

- scene 2 : Kiss

Extended scene : Lizard school fight :
- Peter and Gwen scene


Alternate fight with the lizard

- Gwen:

- Extended fight scene

Peter: Dr. Connors ! This is not you ! Stop it! Stop it RIGHT NOW!

Peter tries to reason with Dr. Connors
Peter: Doc … Doc…



Peter helps Connors escaping

Doc: Peter … Please, they’re coming to kill me

Doc: Help me …
- Extended scene – After the school fight – Gwen and Captain Stacy

- Connors and Peter in the sewer

Next scene : Peter calls Gwen

- Dr Ratha in the sewer

Connors : I … I had to get a place off the grid
Peter : Gotcha

Connors: That, changing like the snake, I might be free to cast the flesh wherein I dwell
confined … Who said that ?

Peter: Michael Angelo.
Connors : A man who knew a bit about reshaping rare materials.
I tried to fix myself but it’s impossible!

Peter : Hey, listen… We are going to get you back.

Connors: Would you go back? After all you know you can do, all the POWER you feel?
Would you give it all up?

Connors : Richard never let me reads his notes, he didn’t trust me.
He knew how I felt ? Incomplete … and aberration !

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