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DW 200

Product Description
D/W 200 is skived from a modified homopolymer PTFE resin containing a higher level of a fully fluorinated comonomer than is in our
220 film. The incorporation of the comonomer yields a material with improved electrical and physical properties. This film can be
thermally bonded (fused) to itself (625 - 650 degrees F). The modified homopolymer resin exhibits chemical resistance equivalent to
that of homopolymer PTFE. Its tensile strength is approximately 25% higher, and the elongation is approximately 60% higher than for
homopolymer PTFE. Because of these properties D/W 200 is often a good substitute for melt Processable films such as PFA.

Application Information
D/W 200 may be thermally fused to itself making possible the fabrication of structures requiring these properties. D/W 200 can also be
used as a high dielectric strength fusible wrap in electrical and electronic cable applications. It can also be used as a bonding film in
the circuit board industry.

Technical Data
Backing Material
Tensile Strength
Dielectric Strength
Max. Operating Temp.

Test Method

6,000 psi
500 %
2,800 Volts
500 °F

ASTM-D 882
ASTM-D 882
ASTM-D 149

Packaging Specifications
Core I.D.
Max. Roll O.D.

3 in.
14 in.
1 to 36 in.
0.5 to 62 mil

Metric Results
41.3686 mpa

260 °C

7.62 cm
35.56 cm
2.54 to 91.44 cm
0.0127 to 1.5748 mm

Above are “Typical Values” not intended for specifications. DeWAL requests the opportunity to work with you on specifications.
DeWAL Industries • 15 Ray Trainor Drive, P.O. Box 372 • Saunderstown, RI 02874
1-800-366-8356 • 001-401-789-9736 • www.dewal.com • info@dewal.com

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