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Issue 1



Cooperation with civil society in the field of youth

Contact us:
Tel: +33 3 88 61 71 67
+33 6 61 34 26 03
We have the pleasure to share with you the first
newsletter of our network. In this issue, you will
find some of the activities that you took part in.
Enjoy it! 


Forum of good practices for participation
and e-participation, Strasbourg France,
3-11 May 2014
Organized with 8 partners, this was a forum
aimed at discovering and analyzing new tools
for youth participation in society using digital
techniques and an interactive method “forum
theatre”. Our partner from Spain, Jarit Civil
Association, was represented by Elena Bruno.

Mainstreaming Peace Education, Flaxley
United Kingdom, 17-20 June 2014
The last mobility of this Grundtvig project
was hosted in the UK by The Asha Centre.
The project partners finalized the manual on
peace education, as a tool for social workers
and youth.

Training Course on Participation and
Inclusion of YPWFO, Strasbourg France,
21 June -1 July 2014
Hosted by AMSED in collaboration with 8
partners, 32 participants discussed and
worked on new ideas and projects to
promote participation and inclusion of
marginalized youth. TREX EVS (Turkey) and
Föreningen Framtidståget (Sweden) were
represented by their youth workers.

TC “SMARTER” , Bucharest Romania,
22-31 August 2014
Organized by Group of the European Youth for
Change (GEYC) in collaboration with 14 partners,
this training course will bring together youth to
reinforce their employment prospects by using
new ICT tools.

Forum “I have a say!” Fez Morocco,
7-17 June 2014
To discover the participation mechanisms for
youth, this forum brought together young
volunteers from Espace Solidarité et
Développement (Morocco), AMSED (France)
et Stadtjugendring Stuttgart (Germany).

Sustainable Cooperation at Local Level,
Sintra Portugal, 17-23 June 2014
The 2 year Grundtvig project ended with this
mobility aimed at improving the knowledge
instruments for policy planning at local level.
Dinamo (Portugal), Intercultura (Croatia) and
Bee.Com (Italy) took part in the project.

TC “Inclusive Growth and Employability of
YPWFO”, Strasbourg France,
1-11 October 2014
With the aim of empowering youth, AMSED will
host YPWFO and youth workers from 12
countries to promote a more inclusive growth by
highlighting the added value of lifelong learning
outcomes for participants.

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