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Playlist du 03 août 2014

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pag 1

Hooked on Country

Driven / Drive

Beautiful day


Go cat go

Disappearing tail lights

Joana / Wild wild west


Amazin grace

My dear Juliet

The Boss / Old dan tucker

Galway girl

The world

Where the wind blows / Grundy galop

8 Ball / Easy come easy go

Open heart cowboy/ Little open heart cowboy/Rumba stroll

Stop crying


(64) Thanks A lot (32) Dt

Jacket Joe

Lost in me / Little wagon wheel /Nathan' wagon part)

Friday yet


Roll in the hay / Let you go / Sweet Fanny

Hush Hush

The boat of Liverpool

Diamonds make babies

Colorado girl / Colorado girls ( Partner)

Taverns Time / Honky tonk

Dance Again


Good to share

Little white church / Freight Train

Bad things

Thanks to you (Adriano Castagnoli)

(64) Messed Up in Memphis (32)

Talk is cheap / Cheap talk / Verdi west

Just chillaxin

Knee deep

Firestorm / Cajeun Hoedown / Home to Louisiana

Anything goes / Why don't we just dance/ Just dance

The Gambler

White Rose

1929 / Cowboy charleston

Summer fly

Priority / Tush Push

Broken heart

An absolute dream

For neige / For neige for 2 / Country 2 step

Long hot summer

Ding dang darn it / Lover please come back

Somewhere in my car

I've alway been a quitter / Quitter / Fifty five

Everybody knows

I told you (Dt) / Told you so (Inter)

Less Travelled

Life is better

Get ready

Nomes per tu

Love's gonna make it

Slap & Stomp

Yaboy / Long time gone

Fifty to beers agoo / Beers ago

Mexican wind / Texas waltz

Skiffle time




Walking away / Falling in love

For my baby

(32) Bruises (64)

Askin' Questions / Little withe church


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TDC 49

Playlist du 03 Août 4014

page 2

Gypsy Rosa li
My blue jeans
You got that thang
Wiskey gone / Cowboy man
I run to you
White Rose
All you need
(32) Country as can be (64)
Sticks and stones
24 X 24
Quickly /Solar power / Factor 8
Cowboy Cowboy
This & that
Boys will Be boys / Bad Guy
Toes / Toes for 2
Cheek to Cheek
Will stallion / Lindy shuffle
Turn it on cowboy
Stay stay stay / Wish you / Stay Up
Home to Louisiana
Fresh start
Ghost train
Make this day / Go cat go
Time that it would take
Truck a truck
Country Strong / Country 2 step
Gift to you / Go cat go
2 hell & back
Shake this town
Laid back country
Jacob's Ladder

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