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The insights for this article, which is a prelude to a forthcoming book, came to
me during a 75-day hunger strike while in pre-trial detention in Canada for my
defense of human rights. During these 75 days I lost 55 pounds or 27% of my
initial body weight and came within an inch of death in my attempt to compel the
Canadian government and by extension the international community to stop
their devastating methods of population control and adopt worldwide legislation
instead. The Canadian authorities watched me wither from 206 to 150 pounds
and hoped that I would die. To keep my hunger strike secret they prevented me
from seeing the International Red Cross and the Canadian media remained
silent throughout. Despite my sacrifice, the Canadian authorities and the
international community did nothing to stop the depopulation genocide. To this
day, it proceeds as it has for the past 65 years, with complete disregard for
human life and dignity.
Since its inception in 1945, the Global Depopulation Policy has never been
exposed, even though over the course of seven decades it has gradually come to
affect every human being on the planet. It has been concealed from the world at
great cost in human life and treasure because it constitutes crimes against
humanity that are without parallel in human history. This is the first time the
Global Depopulation Policy is exposed. What you are about to read is forbidden
The following pages will forever alter your outlook and understanding of the
world and of your fellow human beings.