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The population is expected to peak at 9 billion by 2050 and then start to decline. The reason the
population is expected to peak by 2050 is not because of prosperity and education, as we are led
to believe, but because the global elite that makes up the international community and controls
the United Nations has taken proactive measures since 1945 to ensure that resource scarcity and
national greed do not cause World War III. For better or worse we owe them six decades of
relative peace and stability, which is an extraordinary accomplishment when one considers that
this was achieved while the population has grown at the fastest pace in history.
If our leaders had taken no proactive measures to curb population growth, we would now face a
global population of 9 billion instead of 7 and our numbers would continue to double every 40
years and reach 14 billion by 2050 and 28 billion a century from now. Judging by the dismal
state of half the world’s peoples and by the alarming pace of environmental degradation, even
the current population is unsustainable.
We must not forget that even at 7 billion, half of us live in poverty or abject poverty despite the
tremendous scientific and technical advances of the past half century and that in many places on
earth conditions are so volatile and desperate that societies are on the brink of collapse. The
population explosion clearly bodes global catastrophe.

Not only has the global population grown at the fastest pace in human history during the past six
decades, but its needs per capita have also grown at the fastest pace in human history and, in fact,
at a much faster pace than the exponential population growth we have experienced. The average
modern human being consumes 100 times more resources than our forefathers a couple of
centuries ago did, and at least 5 times more resources than our grandparents did in 1950.