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Ard El-Insan is a Palestinian nongovernmental non for profit organization established in 1984 as an
affiliate of the Swiss organization (Terre Des Hommes). In 1997 AEI was localized as a Palestinian
association under the license no. 6037 and is being managed by an elected board of directors.
AEI is specialized in community health and nutrition within a primary health care approach and aims
at decreasing common childhood illness via providing protective and curative health services, health
education and psychological support targeting children, mothers, poor and marginalized families all
over the Gaza Strip.
In addition, AEI plays an essential developmental role over the last 26 years through working jointly
with the Ministry of Health in the Palestinian National Authority and other international donors or
bodies such as Oslo University (High Institute for Nutritional Studies) in Norway. In addition, AEI
contributed to preparation of the "Emergency Plan for Improving Children and Mother's Nutritional
Status", the Maternal and Child Nutrition Protocols-2005 in cooperation with the MOH and MARAMUSAID funded project.
AEI conducted researches and studies related to the health and nutritional status of children under
five years old jointly with the Palestinian MOH, universities and international institutions.
During 1995 AEI joined the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) as an active member
adopting the entire strategies of the network. Accordingly, AEI had been the first Palestinian group
in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank supporting breastfeeding over the Arab countries.

That children, poor and marginalized families enjoy a high level of good health and nutrition
through providing a high quality service consistent with the international standards.

Providing health, nutritional and social services for children, mothers and poor families aiming at
improving their health status and livelihoods through community mobilization via programs and
projects of AEI.