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The Golf 2004 continues the success story of the
Golf, which so far has been almost 30 years in
the making. It stands out by virtue of its aesthetics
and comfort, and through the use of modern
technologies. The loving attention to detail,
the spacious interior, the powerful and safetyconscious "inner values" under the bonnet and
within the member structure set the Golf 2004
apart as a trendsetter.

The product characteristics of the Golf 2004:

Dynamic, elegant design
Excellent quality
Superior handling dynamics
Comprehensive safety
Innovative drivetrain technology
Efficient economy
Spacious interior
Target-group-oriented product range


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The Direct Shift Gearbox 02E
The Electromechanical Power-Assisted Steering with Double Pinion
The Golf 2004 - Electrical System
The 2004 Golf Running Gear


This self-study programme shows the design and
function of new developments!
The contents will not be updated.


For current inspection, adjustment and repair
instructions, please refer to the relevant
service literature.