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Languages Canada, a national association representing Canada’s accredited language programs, is hiring a
Communications Officer to handle all communications and media requirements for the association. This new
position involves creating and launching a new online presence, managing communications, and handling
media outreach. The position may be based in Ottawa or Toronto. The selected candidate will work directly
with the Executive Director to oversee the creation of a new online communications platform and with other
team members and partners to implement a communications strategy. Additionally, he/she will support media
outreach for advocacy and as part of the marketing and promotional efforts of the association.
The candidate must be:

Experienced in product development
Experienced in digital and on line media
Bilingual in English and French, oral and written
An excellent writer in one or both official languages
Able to multitask and handle a broad range of responsibilities ranging from planning and executing
projects to handling administrative tasks related to the position
Able to use technology effectively for communication purposes
Located in Ottawa (preferably) or Toronto
Able to work from home – independently but in complete collaboration with a team spread across the
country and partners internationally
Able to begin work October 1, 2014

 At least 5 years experience in communications
Assets include:
 Experience in both private and public education sectors
 Experience in environments with regulatory bodies and public administration
 Journalism background
Credentials required:
 Minimum undergraduate degree or diploma in Communications or related discipline.
Your application can be submitted via email to by August 27, 2014.

5886 – 169A Street
Surrey BC V3S 6Z8
T: (604) 574-1532

Languages Canada / Langues Canada

1-163 Gilmour Street
Ottawa ON K2P 0N8
T: (613) 324-8409

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