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Confirmation deposit
When booking, it is required to pay a deposit of 25% of the total amount of your rental to
confirm it. Payment of optional extras is also due at booking. The deposit is paid by a
secure online payment by credit card (from our bank). For payment, you accept the
terms and general booking is confirmed immediately,
If the reservation is made less than 1 month before the start of the lease, the regulations
must be total.
A return email will confirm the reservation of your apartment.
Payment of the balance of your stay
30 days before arrival you will receive an email informing you of the payment of the
balance of your stay.
You will also receive by mail your "digital key" needed to open your apartment.
No key will be sent without full payment of your stay.
A deposit will be required. It helps prevent flat against all damage and theft. The
deposit can also cover any unpaid rent.
For stays of less than three months, the amount of the deposit depends on the size of the
rented apartment:
Up to 50 m2 deposit is 1,000 €.
51m2 to 100 m2 deposit is € 2,000.
For stays longer than three months, the deposit is one month's rent.
Your deposit is paid by an authorization on your credit card.
No management fees will be charged only for your reservation.

Cancellation policy
If your cancellation occurs 30 days before your arrival date, payments will be refunded
in full, less the costs of banking movement. If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days
before arrival, no money will be made. We will necessarily be informed of cancellation
of your holiday by email. Telephone cancellations will not be taken into account.
Cancellations due to Cote Ouest
In case of contingencies (fire - damage - burglary etc ...) would make the apartment
inaccessible, West Coast is committed to relocate to an apartment of the same or higher
category located as close as possible to your chosen without it changes anything in
terms of time or money. In the case where changes can be made, all monies received by
us will be refunded. West Coast can not be any one claim.
Changes to your application
These changes made on the date of arrival, departure or apartment. If the modification
occurs 30 days before date of arrival no fee will be charged. If the modification occurs
below 30 days and given our cancellation policy, 30 € TTC management fees will be