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July 25th, 2014
VIA E-MAIL [shortyy222@hotmail.co.uk]
Dear Sir,
We have an understanding that you are developing the Phoenix 4.0 emulator.
From our research it appears that the Phoenix 4.0 software enables unauthorized
use of Sulake’s Habbo client and copying of Sulake’s graphics and source code in
order to create retro sites. By enabling the users to do this without our consent
constitutes authorising and/or procuring of primary copyright infringement. It
seems that the Phoenix 4.0 software has been designed for no other reason than
to enable users to gain unauthorised access to Sulake’s products and services and
to produce infringing copies of Sulake’s Habbo Hotel game.
This means that a court could find the developer jointly liable for copyright
infringement with a user who produces a retro site using Phoenix 4.0 software.
Furthermore, based on our research it seems that Phoenix 4.0 contains software
code that is designed to bypass technological protection measures that protect
Habbo Hotel (http://www.habbo.com), created and copyrighted by us. This is also
infringement of our copyrights.
As you very well know, last year we have taken legal actions against Aaron
Marshall. That case proceeded as far as to the Helsinki District Court but we finally
settled the case: http://www.sulake.com/press/releases/sulake-shuts-down-apirate-habbo-software-distributor/
We request you to immediately cease from further developing Phoenix 4.0 and
close any sites infringing Sulake's rights. If you are under aged, please discuss this
matter with your parents.
Legal Department
Sulake Corporation Oy
Kaarlenkatu 11
00530 Helsinki
e-mail: legal@sulake.com / website: www.sulake.com

Sulake Corporation Oy, Domicile: Helsinki, Registration No: 1603628-6, www.sulake.com
Kaarlenkatu 11, 00530 Helsinki, Finland, Telephone: +358 10 656 7000, fax: +358 10 656 7010

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