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N°1476/MATDCL-SG-DLPAP6DOCA/Ministère de l'Administration territoriale de la décentralisation et des

collectivités locales.

Status: active
Public Sector: Department of Environmental Protection and Water Management.
Topic: Environmental Protection / Forestièrie
duration: September 2014- December 2016
place: Kloto misahohoè, Zanguéra, vogan, pkalimé, vogan, kuma-konda (one of its villages will be your
Mission: Take Awareness its Environment (PCE)

Objectives of the course
-Increase Enlightenment and understanding of the protection of natural areas.
, Contribute to the management of forest areas.
-Maximize Local and international participation in the hasty process Reafforestation, nursery
establishment ...
Improve, in a sustainable and egalitarian way, the socioeconomic conditions of young women and men
in the community.
Activities during your stay:

* Waste Management
Awareness of the importance of waste management, contribution to the collection of waste collection in
partnership with local organizations, developing projects related to waste treatment. Project Monitoring
manufacture and sale of reusable bags rice bag and recovered tissue.
* organization own village
* Reforestation, planting, maintenance, watering
For domestic use as firewood, trees are cut in the dry season to be stored for the winter. No natural
regeneration does not seem possible without human intervention. Awareness raising the evils of
deforestation can be arranged on a mission to protect the environnemnt.
* establishment of nurseries
This nursery in particular contribute to the development of the project initiated 'a tree; saved a life '
* Identification of species of trees and plants to protect
* organizing awareness campaigns evils of deforestation including participation in the development of
new nurseries.
Volunteers and interns will work directly to the development of the nursery. Activities will: make
plantations, doing tests on different types of species, establish a monitoring these species planted and
their developments, participate in clearing and landscaping, raising awareness on the environment, etc.

The participation fee
* How to participate?
just send us your application on the email address of the organization or
All by mentioning your availability for the mission.
(Time, date arrived, the mission that inspires you, the amount you have to perform the mission,
expectations, ambitions etc .....) so we puisssions prepare your assignment in favorable conditions.
It is desirable to include a resume and cover letter when applying for internship.
In return, we will send you all the practical information before departure.
* Why pay?

All funds received are reinvested at 90% in our aid programs for the benefit of local people. So it is the
volunteers who fund their missions and thus enable us to carry out local actions. Our missions occur on
average 500 € per mois.Rassurez you we are very flexible on costs and can adjust costs based on your
pocket. Social Action Plan is committed to a good volunteer trip to Africa at the lowest possible cost.
Participation fees are paid once you arrive at the headquarters of the association in the neighborhood
Association responsible for the mission:
Social Action Plan is a humanitarian assocition operating in West Africa, more precisely in togo.Nous
operate primarily where the people and their way of life are threatened by setting up support programs
focused on health, education and economic development and environmental
For all information contact
Web page:
E-mail :
Telephone: 00228 90076435/0022893382446
Contact: follykouegah AGOSSOU
Skype: hommy.folly
Testimony of John von dusen Tourism solidarity in February 2014
Social Action Plan


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