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The natural world

Samuel Schmitt and Virginie Wiss of SV Photograph
showcase their compelling shots of nature
Benmore Dam

All Images ©

“We didn’t have any plans this day, but we took

the camera just in case. We were walking without
knowing what we would see. After two hours, we
discovered the lake near the dam”
Shot details: Canon EOS 40D with 70-210mm
and f4, 1/2000sec at ISO 100




Spotted shag

“We approached this spotted shag very
carefully, as this is a very shy bird”
Shot details: Canon EOS 40D with
70-300mm and f5.6, 1/200sec at ISO 100


“We went to a park to take macro photos
but found these birds landing instead”
Shot details: Canon EOS 40D with
70-300mm and f5.6, 1/100sec at ISO 100

Sunset in Wellington

“Just a simple, stunning sunset that we
saw on a beach in Wellington”
Shot details: Canon EOS 40D with
18-55mm and f5.6, 1/800sec at ISO 100

Butterfly and bug friend

“I’d bought a new Tamron lens and wanted
to test it. I shot these insects in a garden”
Shot details: Canon EOS 40D with
70-300mm and f4.5, 1/400sec at ISO 100

Samuel Schmitt
and Virginie Wiss
Gallery name:
Samuel Schmitt and
Virginie Wiss
DP Gallery address:
Day job:
Freelance photographers
Photographic speciality: Nature
Long-term photo ambition:
To work for a wildlife magazine.
How long have you been shooting
photographs digitally?
Around five or six years now.
Have you been interested in nature
photography for long?
We’ve been interested in nature
photography for a long time, but
more so since we’ve been in New
Zealand. Ever since we moved here at
the end of 2012, all is different, wild
and light, and we’re more interested
in nature photography now.
What’s in your kit bag?
Canon EOS 40D, a Canon 18-55mm,
Canon 70-210mm, Tamron 70-300mm.
What does your dream kit bag hold?
Canon 5D III, Tamron 250-600mm
and waterproof cases so we could
take photos under the sea.
What’s the most important part of
a nature shoot?
Find a good compromise between
lighting, location and species.
What tricks do you use?
We don’t attract an animal with
food, nor do we disturb animals to
dramatise a scene. For us a photo is a
capture of what nature is… We learn
about species we are interested in.



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