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Text of Purchase Order Quality Note guidelines from supplier.Cessna.com

Cessna Certification Conformity Requirements
The following serves as a delegation of Cessna Aircraft Company Quality responsibility
for the FAA form 8130-9 “Statement of Conformity” and provide the guidelines and
expectations of the supplier when a conformity requirement is called out on a Purchase
Order and after receipt of FAA 8120-10 Request for Conformity for FAA 8100-1 and
FAA 8130-3 when requested as applicable.
The following is a description of the supplier conformity process requirements needed if
quality note 29 is applied to an item on a Cessna Purchase Order:
Purchase Order Quality Note 29 indicates that Cessna has/will request an FAA
conformity inspection to be conducted on the item(s) identified with this note. In order to
fulfill this requirement, the supplier will first need to perform a conformity inspection and
document the results as required by FAA Order 8110.4( ), chapter 5 as applicable.
Cessna Aircraft Company grants a responsible person in the suppliers organization with
sufficient authority to complete and sign the FAA Form 8130-9, “Statement of
In addition, Cessna Quality is requesting the following documents be completed and
forwarded to a Cessna ODA Unit Member (UM) at the supplier’s facility if one is
assigned the conformity for review and coordination of inspection:
1) A copy of the supplier inspection documentation and statement of acceptance.
2) A copy of the summary report of the Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) (if
3) Completed original FAA Form 8130-9 Statement of Conformity - including
appropriate revision level and release date of the drawing.
4) A copy of the discrepancies.
An FAA form 8120-10 Request for Conformity (RFC) will be transmitted by Cessna to an
Inspection ODA Unit Member at Cessna and/or at the Supplier as applicable.
A courtesy copy of the RFC may be provided to the supplier Quality organization as
required to help facilitate the completion of the inspection.
Note: DAR, ODAR and DMIR delegations are not approved to conduct the FAA
conformity inspection requirements as required by this request.

Suppliers may submit an application to become a Cessna ODA UM at a supplier facility.
The approval is contingent on Cessna Aircraft Company’s conformity activity at the
supplier as well as qualification approval. The application must be submitted at least 90
days in advance of the inspection.
All correspondence should be made with the address and/or email below.

Text of Purchase Order Quality Note guidelines from supplier.Cessna.com

Cessna Aircraft Company
Attn: Experimental Quality, Dept 172
2617 S. Hoover
Wichita, KS 67215
Phone # 316-946-4175
Fax 316-206-3078

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