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AW call new members 2014 .pdf

Nom original: AW_call_new_members_2014.pdf
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Call for Committee Members

Hello IVSA Members,
The Call for Committee Members for the Animal Welfare Committee has now
opened! If you are interested in helping IVSA spread Animal Welfare knowledge and
organize events please submit an application via the attached link.
For the motivation letter (maximum of 2 pages), explaining your interest and your
contribution in this committee, please put “application for new member’s namecountry” as the subject of the e-mail. Late and incomplete submissions will not be
Both accepted and unaccepted applicants will be informed of the results by first week
of October 2014.
Accepted applicants are expected to participate fully.

Application Deadlines are October 1, 2014

Please circulate this memo widely. I look forward to receiving your applications. Let us
represent the world’s veterinary students in animal welfare! Shadi Henchiri Animal
Welfare Committee chair.

What is the Animal Welfare Committee?
The Animal Welfare Committee is a committee of the International Veterinary
Students’ Association (IVSA). Its goal is to actively support measures to improve the
standard of animal welfare worldwide.

International Veterinary Student’s Association
Animal Welfare Committee of IVSA
Face book page:

Which is the Structure of AWC?
The Chair is the coordinator of all activities that AWC undertakes.
The Committees Coordinator is the member of Ex-Co who serves as the liaison
between the Ex-co and the AWC committee.
The Committee Members advise the Chair and have specific AWC responsibilities.
The committee consists of at most 10 individuals that are selected based on
The Local Veterinary Animal Welfare Officers (LoAWO) are officers of their
Member Organization. They communicate directly with AWC and organize local
projects related to animal welfare.

Which is the Purpose of AWC?
The purpose of AWC is to further student education and awareness concerning
animal welfare in the following ways and more:

Promoting international and local organizations involved in animal welfare.
Organizing animal welfare workshops, lectures, webinars, etc. at IVSA events or
Publishing articles about animal welfare in the IVSA newsletter and journal.
Communicating with IVSA MOs to get them involved in animal welfare projects
and exchanges of knowledge on animal welfare.
Sending Committee members to events on animal welfare to collect information
and contacts and disseminate information to IVSA members.
Encouraging MOs to hold local events on animal welfare.

AWC Committee Position Information
 For each position, the exact duty will be determined based upon your skills and
your specific interests please specify these in your application!
 Each position term lasts for less than one year, from selections in October,
2014 – August 31, 2015. A new Chair will be elected at the 64th IVSA
Congress in Cluj Napoca, Romania in August, 2015.

International Veterinary Student’s Association
Animal Welfare Committee of IVSA
Face book page:

Submit your application via the following link:

International Veterinary Student’s Association
Animal Welfare Committee of IVSA
Face book page:

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