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Mr. DA SILVA Mickael
7 TamblingTce

0413 843 746

Responsible Service of Alcohol


2006: Completed School Leaving Certificate.


Long hours of work, responsible and mature

Referees :

Mr Franck Rolland, Manager Dudule, Phone: 00331 42 16 99 96


Mrs Manuela Mendes, Manager Pavillon Bleu, Mobile : 00337 86 95
25 69
Mrs Glanda Barker, Manager Barker Farm, Mobile: 409 478 228
Career Objective:
I would like, in few years, to open my own restaurant, somewhere in the world, in
order to share my passion for food and cooking. Experiences in fruit and vegetable
picking have provided me wonderful knowledge in the growing and quality of fruit
and vegetables.
Country: France
Date of Birth: 31/12/1986 Working Holiday Visa: (2nd year)
I was born in a family owner of a bar/restaurant. At 27 years of age, I have a lot of
experience as a waiter and barman, am very conscientious, have a love of this
universe and contact with costumers.
Career Summary:

March/July 2014: farm job at a vegetable farm in Stanthorpe, QLD

Jan 2014: apple picker in Stanthorpe, QLD

Dec/Jan 2013: apple pruner and thinning in Woodside, SA

Nov/Dec 2013: cherry picker and pruner in Echunga, SA

Oct 2013: strawberry picker and packer in Mylor, SA

Sept 2013: orange picker in Waikerie, for contractor, SA


June 2012/February 2013: Waiter and Barman at “Dudule”, Place d’Italie, Paris,


March 2012/April 2012: Waiter at “Bistrot du coin”, Bastille, Paris, France.

August 2011/February 2012: Barman and responsible closing the “Pavillon Bleu”,
Chennevieres, France.

July 2011/August 2011: Waiter at “Chartier”, Montmartre, Paris, France.

June 2011: Barman at “Silom Paradise”, Bangkok, Thailand.

April 2011: Waiter at “Chill-Out Bar”, Rishikesh, India.

February 2011/March 2011: Waiter at “Laughing Buddha”, Pokhara, Nepal.

March 2010/December 2010: Waiter and Barman at “Dudule”, Place d’Italie,
Paris, France.

April 2010/June 2010: Waiter and Barman at “Twickenham”, Saint-Michel, Paris,

March 2010/April 2010: Waiter and responsible closing at “Piscine de Bacchus”,
Boulognes-Billancourt, France.

January 2010/March 2010: Waiter, Barman and responsible of closing the
“Gamin de la Bastille”, Bastille, Paris, France.

September 2009/December 2009: Waiter at “Buffalo Grill” en Brie, France.

September 2007/April 2009: Barman and responsible for closing the “Pavillon
Bleu”, Chennevieres, France.

French, English, Portuguese, and elementary Spanish
Professional Restaurant Experience:
In restaurants, I have full responsibility for customer service from arrival until
departure. This includes choosing tables, taking orders, delivering meals, table
service with alcohol and other drinks, cleaning tables and preparing the restaurant
for the next day, as well as the responsibility of cash register and receipts.
In Pavillon Bleu, Gamin de la Bastille and Piscine de Bacchus, I was responsible for
closing at the end of the night, including all the preparations of cleaning and
decorating and dressing the tables of the a bar/restaurant and filling stock. I have
experience preparing cocktails and various kinds of coffees and soft drinks.
Activities and Interests:






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