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P&W Industry Group Ltd. w on the Arch of Europe Aw ard in Frankf urt in the presence of business leaders and
representatives f rom 49 countries. At the International Arch of Europe f or Quality and Technology Convention,
Carlos Chumbinho Pereira, International Director of P&W Industry Group Ltd. proudly received this distinction
symbolizing quality and innovation f rom the President and C.E.O. of Business Initiative Directions,

Among the BID aw ard w inners in Frankfurt included Federal State Unitary Enterprise VO
“Safety”, from Russia. This company has been providing security services to nuclear and
electric centers since 1993 through its team of specialists w ith profound experience in
their fields, show ing true dedication to safety and quality.
Franklin Electric, from Mexico w as in attendance. W ith its headquarters based in the
U.S., Franklin Electric operates on a global scale w ith facilities in Europe, Eastern
Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Asia. It is one of the most important
providers of complete w ater and fueling systems in the w orld, and the largest
manufacturer of submersible electric motors.
Grupo Creluz, from Brazil w as also recognized. Grupo Creluz, a pow er distribution
cooperative, operates in 36 municipalities in the North Region of Brazil and provides
energy and comfort to more than 20,000 households, benefiting an excess of 80,000
Also present w as Endiama E.P., from Angola (Empresa Nacional de Diamantes E.P.), the
national diamond company of Angola w ith the exclusive concessionary of mining rights in
the domain of diamonds. Endiama produced 8.55 million carats of diamonds in
Representing Australia w as Draggin' Jeans Pty Ltd, the country’s premier manufacturer of
high quality motorcycle clothing and the only casual motorcycle brand in the w orld to have
ever passed the CE Tests for Abrasion, Burst and Tear resistance. The CE logo is a
universally recognised symbol of product quality and durability.
Iranian Offshore Engineering & Construction Co. (IOEC) from Iran, attended as w ell.
Ranked 67th among the top 100 companies in Iran, this previous B.I.D. aw ard w inner has
over 1,000 employees, $600 million USD in assets, and more than $7 billion USD in
contracted projects in the oil and gas industries.
Also representing Iran w as Karafarin Insurance Company. This customer-satisfaction and
quality-driven company is the top private insurance company in the country. W ith

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