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Who ?
• Kévin Louzoun: Student in Epita in second year. I have a passion for

computer science and Design. I have an experience in the self-employed person
thanks to one brand which was mine: Jew’els Creation.

• Khalis Chalabi: Holder a scientific degree, currently in second year in
EPITA. I have a little experience in the world of work through a few summer

• Douglas Oberto: One years in an architecture's school, Now in the
seconde years in computer science's school (EPITA).

• Mathilde Laplaze: Student in second year in computer science

What ?
• Device link by a software to a computer allow to create it
own composition
• The engine contains some precision measure pipette with
incorporating sensor. Each pipette has its own phial of oil
• The user be able to dose thanks to the software all the
essential oil to create his own fragrance and extract from that
the composition.
• Data can be shared to other people having the Device and
the software.

Why ?
• To help designers of perfume to create their own
fragrance compositions more easily.
• Significant economic earnings.
• Save time.
• Opportunity to discover new smells.
• To allow the formation of specialists in the
perfumery called ''the nose''.

How ?
• The user chooses the main scent to create the parfume, then
he introduces the vials in compartments.
• The user enters the datas about the dosage of each essential
oil, via the software.
• The software calculates the dosage of each essential oil
thanks to some graduations on the flasks. These different oils
are mixed into one flask by the engine. The user can
vaporize the final liquid or put it on a sheet of paper.
• The data are recorded, so the user can change some dosages
if he wants, and try again until he finds the perfect parfume

When ?
• Everybody can have this idea.
• It is an idea which will revolutionize the perfume
• The great perfumers will fight to have this machine
and its software.
• The target of the product is firstly big industries but
it will soon reach the individual market.

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