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1) UK Student Denied Alevels Over Niqab

CAIRO – A Muslim student
has been banned by a London
school from taking A-levels
because of wearing niqab, a
decision that was opposed by
hundreds of students who
signed a petition to end the
"Islamophobic" decision.
“My sister just wants to wear
the niqab for her own reasons
and attend a school," the
Muslim student’s 18-year-old
sister told The Independent
“I don’t feel like her education
should be compromised or the
way she dresses should affect
the way anyone looks at her."
The “discriminatory” decision
by Camden School for Girls in
London barred the Muslim
student, who has attended the
school for the past five years,
from starting her sixth year this

Responding to calls to take
action, a petition titled "stop
Islamophobia" against the
school’s decision at
has been signed by 700 people so
Inappropriate Dress
Defending its decision, the
school cited its policies which
state direct interaction between
the teacher and student in the
"In addition, it is important for
the safety and securityof the
school community to know who
is on site, and to be able to see
and identify individuals.”
Under the Guidelines from the
Department for Education, UK
schools are allowed to draw their
own uniform policy, imposing
bans on certain attires for
learning and security reasons.
Britain is home to a Muslim
community ofnearly 2.7 million.

The news: New research from
Harvard University indicates that
the world’s bee populations are
dropping at alarming rates and
toxic insecticides are to blame
According to the study, the
world’s most popular insecticide
led to half the colonies studied
dying, while none of the
untreated colonies saw their bees
disappear.“We demonstrated that
neonicotinoids are highly likely
to be responsible for triggering
‘colony collapse disorder’ in
honeybee hives that were healthy
prior to the arrival of
winter,”Chensheng Lu, an expert
on environmental exposure
biology at Harvard School of
Public Health and who led the
work, told the Guardian.
Over the past decade, Colony
Collapse Disorder (CCD) has
become a major problem, leading
to a 40% loss in commercial
honeybees in the U.S. since 2006
and a 45% loss of them in the
U.K. since 2010.
It’s believed CCD has wiped out
2) Harvard study: Destruction an estimated 10 million beehives,
ofbees a potential catastrophe worth $2 billion, over the past six
for humans
Why care about bees? “If the bee
disappeared off the surface of the
globe then man would only have
four years of life left. No more
bees, no more pollination, no
more plants, no more animals, no
more man.”

That anonymous quotation
encapsulates the thinking of
certain scientists who believe
that bees are the key to our
Since the end of the 1990s,
between a quarter and half of
the bees are disappearing every
The Harvard study states that
identify the cause of the
disappearance of bees is crucial
"because bees are prime
pollinators of nearly a third of
all cultures around the world."

Alcohol Kills 1 Person
Every 10 Seconds, Report

Fortunately, the principles of our
beautiful religion have kept us
away from this calamity.
Remember that alcohol is a
major sin. Whoever tastes this
drink on earth, will be deprived
of Paradise. It is in this sense
that Ibn' Umar (may Allah be
pleased with him) narrated that
the Messenger of Allah (alayhi
salat wa salam) said: "Every
intoxicant is Khamr (wine) and
every intoxicant is Haraam
(unlawful). Whosoever drinks
wine in this world and dies
whilst having consumed it and
not having repented from it will
not drink it in the next world
[i.e. in Paradise]." [Muslim]

4) Tsunami Girl Reunited
with Family after 10 Years
consumption was responsible
for 3.3 million deaths
worldwide in 2012, according to
a new World Health
Organization report.
“This actually translates into
one death every 10 seconds,”
Shekhar Saxena, head of the
WHO’s Mental Health and
Substance Abuse department,
told reporters in Geneva,
Global Post reports.
Harmful alcohol use not only
leads to addiction, but it can put
people at a higher risk of over
200 disorders like tuberculosis
and pneumonia.
Europe has the highest alcohol
consumption per capita, though
consumption levels have been
stable there for the last five
Consumption has remained
stable in Africa and in the
Americas, but it appears to be
rising in Southeast Asia and the
Western Pacific regions,
according to WHO. China is
estimated to grow its per capita
consumption by 1.5 liters of
pure alcohol by 2025.

Believing that the age of
miracles was over, an Indonesian
family has been bestowed with a
miracle after being united with
their daughter who was swept by
tsunami floods ten years ago.
“God has given us a miracle,”
Jamaliah, the child’s mother, told
Agency France Presse (AFP) on
Friday, August 9.
“When I saw her, my heart was
beating really fast.”
Ten years ago, the 42-year-old
mother, who like many
Indonesians only uses one name,
and her husband, Septi
Rangkuti, 52, escaped tsunami
floods on a wooden board with
their two youngest children.
In the middle of water
mountains, their four-year-old
daughter Raudhatul Jannah and
her older seven-year-old brother
ArifPratama Rangkuti,


did not make it.
Searching for their children for
a whole month, the Indonesian
couple accepted their fate that
they died during the tsunami
that hit the family’s home in
For them, their two oldest
children were among the
227,000 people killed in the
Boxing Day tsunami, which was
triggered by a magnitude 9.0
magnitude Indian Ocean
They moved house with their
one surviving son later.
This all changed last June when
Jannah’s uncle spotted a girl in a
village walking home from
school who bore a striking
resemblance to the missing girl.
He asked around and
discovered the girl had been
caught up in the tsunami and
was swept from Aceh to some
remote islands southwest of the
Jamaliah and Rangkuti visited
the girl in late June and
discovered it was indeed their
“I hugged her and she hugged
me back and felt so comfortable
in my arms,” she told the AFP
news agency, adding that she
could not stop the “tears from
flowing” during the emotional
“The girl’s face resembles
mine... If anyone is in doubt,
I’m ready for DNA tests.”
Rangkuti said when he first
heard about the girl, he thought
“there’s no way that’s my
daughter”, but that “when we
saw her, we knew, we felt the
bond right away”.
Finding their daughter, the
family hopes to find their
missing son as well.


The Subtle One; The
Inexpressible, Unfathomable,
He who knows the delicate
meaning of everything. He
who creates things most
subtly, which cannot be
understood by people, and
He who gives blessings to
people in the most subtle
Such is Allah, your sustainer:
there is no deity save Him,
the Creator ofeverything:
worship, then, Him alone -for it is He who has
everything in His care.
No human vision can
encompass Him,
whereas he encompasses all
human vision:
unfathomable, all-aware.
Al-An'am 6:101Tafseer Exegesis

"(As-Samad) is One Who does
not give birth, nor was He born,
because there is nothing that is
born except that it will die, and
there is nothing that dies except
that it leaves behind inheritance,
and indeed Allah does not die
and He does not leave behind
any inheritance.
(And there is none comparable
to Him.) This means that there
is none similar to Him, none
equal to Him and there is
nothing at all like Him.'' Ibn Abi
Hatim also recorded it and AtTirmidhi mentioned it as a
Mursal narration. Then AtTirmidhi said, "And this is the
most correct.''
Tafsir Ibn Kathir

The virtue ofobserving a lot
ofnaafil fasts in the month of
Is it Sunnah to observe a lot of
naafil [supererogatory] fasts in
the month of Muharram? Is
there anything special about this
month compared with other
Praise be to Allah
The month of Muharram is the
first month of the Arabic year,
and it is one of the four sacred
months of Allaah. Allaah says
(interpretation of the meaning):
“Verily, the number of months
with Allaah is twelve months (in
a year), so was it ordained by
Allaah on the Day when He
created the heavens and the
earth; of them four are Sacred
(i.e. the 1st, the 7th, the 11th and
the 12th months of the Islamic
calendar). That is the right
religion, so wrong not yourselves
therein” [al-Tawbah 9:36]

Surat Al-Ikhlas which was
revealed in Makkah
The Reason for the Revelation
ofthis Surah and its virtues
Imam Ahmad recorded from
Ubayy bin Ka`b that the
idolators said to the Prophet ,
"O Muhammad! Tell us the
lineage of your Lord.'' So Allah
(Say: "He is Allah, One. Allah
He begets not, nor was He
begotten. And there is non
comparable to Him.'') Similar
was recorded by At-Tirmidhi
and Ibn Jarir and they added in Al-Bukhaari (3167) and Muslim
(1679) narrated from:
their narration that he said,


Abu Bakrah (may Allaah be
pleased with him) that the
Prophet (peace and blessings of
Allaah be upon him) said: “The
division of time has turned to
its original form which was
current the day Allaah created
the heavens and earth. The year
consists of twelve months of
which four are sacred: three
consecutive months, Dhu’lQa’dah, Dhu’l-Hijjah and
Muharram, and Rajab of Mudar
which comes between Jumada
and Sha’baan.”
It was proven from the Prophet
(peace and blessings of Allaah
be upon him) that the best
fasting after Ramadaan is
fasting in the month of
It was narrated that Abu
Hurayrah (may Allaah be
pleased with him) said: The
Messenger of Allaah (peace and
blessings of Allaah be upon
him) said: "The best fasting
after Ramadaan is the month of
Allaah, Muharram, and the best
prayer after the obligatory
prayer is prayer at night.”
Narrated by Muslim, 1163.
With regard to the phrase “the
month of Allaah”, mentioning
the month in conjunction with
Allaah is a sign of its great
status. Al-Qaari said: it seems
that what is meant is all of the
month ofMuharram.
But it was proven that the
Prophet (peace and blessings of
Allaah be upon him) did not
fast any month in full apart
from Ramadaan, so this hadeeth
is to be understood as meaning
that it is it is encouraged to fast
a lot in the month of
Muharram, not to fast the
whole month.
And Allaah knows best.
Islam Q&A

The Story ofThe Pharaoh's
Daughters Hairdresser

The evil Pharaoh lived in a big
palace and was surrounded by
servants and maids who fulfilled
his every wish. Not only was
Pharaoh very unjust and he
severely harmed the Muslims
who followed Prophet Moses,
but he also claimed to be God
and many people worshipped
him. In the Pharaoh’s palace
though, there was a Muslim
woman who had hid the fact
that she was a Muslim. She was
in charge of combing and fixing
his daughter’s hair.
One day, while the hairdresser
was combing and fixing the
Pharaoh’s daughter’s hair, she
dropped the comb. The
hairdresser said, “Bismillah—In
the name of Allah.” The
daughter thought this was
unusual and asked the
hairdresser, “Do you have a Lord
other than my father?” meaning
the Pharaoh. The hairdresser
replied, “My Lord and your
father’s Lord is Allah.” The
daughter told her father, the
Pharaoh, about this.
When the Pharaoh knew about
the Muslim hairdresser, he
ordered his soldiers to boil a
huge amount of water in a big
pot. Then he brought the
hairdresser with her children and
he ordered her to leave Islam
and to be a blasphemer. She
refused and remained steadfast
to Islam.
The evil Pharaoh ordered her
children be thrown into the
water as she watched.

The first child was thrown in
and she watched him die while
Then the Pharaoh asked her
again to leave Islam. She refused,
so he threw her second child in
the water and he died. The
bones of her two children sank
to the bottom and the skin
floated on top of the boiling
When her last, young, nursing
child who she was carrying was
the only one left. She was
weeping dearly. Allah gave this
young child the power to speak,
as an extra-ordinary event
honouring his mother. The child
said, addressing her, “Oh
Mother, be patient for you are
on the truth and the torture of
this life is nothing compared to
the torture of the hereafter.” The
soldiers took her nursing child
and threw him in the water after
which he died. Then they threw
her in after him, all the time she
was steadfast on Islam never
wavering and never leaving it.
She died as a martyr.
Before the hairdresser was
thrown into the water, she asked
that her bones and those of her
children’s be collected and buried
in one grave. The soliders did
that for her.
Hundreds of years later, as our
Prophet Muhammad was in his
‘Isra’ Journey, riding Al- Buraq
(1) and accompanied by Angel
Jibril. He passed by her grave
and smelled a wonderful odour,
as if the hairdresser was saluting
him, may Allah raise her rank
and grant her what delights her.
(1) It is an animal from paradise
which can travel in one stride as
far as it sees. It was a white
animal, slightly larger than a
donkey yet smaller than a mule.


Word ofinmate
I want you to know all of you,
you're not forgotten, and are in
my prayers and my du'aa (really)
I talk about you the people
(Muslims) your work for our
Lord, Creator of the Heavens
and Earth, all existence
Insha'Alla, may He grant you
His Love, protection, light,
mercy, guidance, help and
Jannah al-Firdwas and your love
ones; I pray to see you there :)
insha'Allah with all the believers
striving to please Allah.

You're like family for me,
childrens, sons, daughters,
grand-children, etc :) I am old
enough to be all that in a few
months insha'Allah I will be
75 years old and Allah
subhannah wa ta ala has kept
me strong for His Deen and
trust and love, hope, patience,
gratitude, fear, devotion,
remembrance, and so much
Clement El-Hampton (may
Allah have mercy on Him)
- ANSWERS to the quizz of
the newsletter n°81) How many brothers did the
Prophet Yussuf, Peace upon him,
The Prophet Yussuf (peace upon
him) had eleven brothers.
[Of these stories mention] when
Joseph said to his father, "O my
father, indeed I have seen [in a
dream] eleven stars and the sun
and the moon; I saw them
prostrating to me." [Surat 12,
verse 4]. Exegetes and others
have said that Yusuf saw in his
childhood as if "eleven stars",
referring to his brothers, "and
the sun and the moon," referring
to his parents, are prostrated
before him.
Source: Story of Prophets, of Ibn
Kathir to universal editions

2) In this story ofYussuf, what
are the three events that talk
about his shirt [clothing]?
The three events that talk about
the shirt ofYussufare the
-So when they took him [out]
and agreed to put him into the
bottom of the well... But We
inspired to him, "You will surely
inform them [someday] about
this affair of theirs while they do
not perceive [your identity]".
And they came to their father at
night, weeping. They said, "O
our father, indeed we went
racing each other and left Joseph
with our possessions, and a wolf
ate him. But you would not
believe us, even if we were
truthful." And they brought
upon his shirt false blood.
[ Jacob] said, "Rather, your souls
have enticed you to something,
so patience is most fitting. And
Allah is the one sought for help
against that which you describe."
[Surat 12, verses 15 to 18]
- And she, in whose house he
was, sought to seduce him. She
closed the doors and said,
"Come, you." He said, "[I seek]
the refuge of Allah . Indeed, he
is my master, who has made
good my residence. Indeed,
wrongdoers will not succeed."
And she certainly determined
[to seduce] him, and he would
have inclined to her had he not
seen the proof of his Lord. And
thus [it was] that We should
avert from him evil and
immorality. Indeed, he was of
Our chosen servants. And they
both raced to the door, and she
tore his shirt from the back, and
they found her husband at the
door. She said, "What is the
recompense of one who
intended evil for your wife but
that he be imprisoned or a
painful punishment?" [ Joseph]
said, "It was she who sought to
seduce me." And a witness from
her family testified.

"If his shirt is torn from the
front, then she has told the
truth, and he is of the liars. But
if his shirt is torn from the back,
then she has lied, and he is of
the truthful." So when her
husband saw his shirt torn from
the back, he said, "Indeed, it is
of the women's plan. Indeed,
your plan is great. Joseph, ignore
this. And, [my wife], ask
forgiveness for your sin. Indeed,
you were of the sinful." [Surat
12, verses 23 to 29]
- So when they entered upon
Joseph, they said, "O 'Azeez,
adversity has touched us and our
family, and we have come with
goods poor in quality, but give us
full measure and be charitable to
us. Indeed, Allah rewards the
charitable." He said, "Do you
know what you did with Joseph
and his brother when you were
ignorant?" They said, "Are you
indeed Joseph?" He said "I am
Joseph, and this is my brother.
Allah has certainly favored us.
Indeed, he who fears Allah and
is patient, then indeed, Allah
does not allow to be lost the
reward of those who do
good."They said, "By Allah ,
certainly has Allah preferred you
over us, and indeed, we have
been sinners." He said, "No
blame will there be upon you
today. Allah will forgive you; and
He is the most merciful of the
merciful." Take this, my shirt,
and cast it over the face of my
father; he will become seeing.
And bring me your family, all
together." [Surat 12, verses 88 to
3) Luqman, peace be upon him,
recommanded six things to his
son, and advised him against
three others, what are they?
And [mention, O Muhammad],
when Luqman said to his son
while he was instructing him,


"O my son, do not associate
[anything] with Allah .
Indeed, association [with him] is
great injustice." And We have
enjoined upon man [care] for his
parents. His mother carried him,
[increasing her] in weakness
upon weakness, and his weaning
is in two years. Be grateful to Me
and to your parents; to Me is the
[final] destination. But if they
endeavor to make you associate
with Me that of which you have
no knowledge, do not obey them
but accompany them in [this]
world with appropriate kindness
and follow the way of those who
turn back to Me [in repentance].
Then to Me will be your return,
and I will inform you about
what you used to do. [And
Luqman said], "O my son,
indeed if wrong should be the
weight of a mustard seed and
should be within a rock or
[anywhere] in the heavens or in
the earth, Allah will bring it
forth. Indeed, Allah is Subtle
and Acquainted. O my son,
establish prayer, enjoin what is
right, forbid what is wrong, and
be patient over what befalls you.
Indeed, [all] that is of the
determination. And do not turn
your cheek [in contempt] toward
people and do not walk through
the earth exultantly. Indeed,
Allah does not like everyone
self-deluded and boastful. And
be moderate in your pace and
lower your voice; indeed, the
most disagreeable of sounds is
the voice ofdonkeys."
[Surat 31, verses 13 to 19]
For now, three new questions:
1) What are the principal stories
related in the surat The Cave?
2) How many things nullify
3) Which Prophet could talk to

Nigerian Footballer Reverts to

CAIRO – A retired Nigerian
World Cup footballer Emeka
Ezeugo has reverted to Islam,
saying he reached his lifechanging decision after reading
about the life of Islam Prophet
Muhammad (peace be upon
“I am always a curious person
and studied different religions
when I found the life of Prophet
Mohammad (peace be upon
him) very inspiring,” Ezeugo
told reporters earlier this week,
Spy Ghana reported.
Ezeugo, 46, said he embraced
Islam after being inspired by the
life of Prophet Muhammad
The former footballer, who
represented Nigeria in the 1994
World Cup after playing for
Mohammedan Sporting Club
for nearly a decade, said he feels
honored to be a follower of the
great prophet who he thinks is
the greatest among all
messengers ofGod.
He has now taken a new name,
Mustafa Mohammed and plans
to apply for a new passport with
his new name once he returns to
his home in Nigeria.

about Ezeugo’s
reversion to Islam first spread in
February 2012, yet it is the first
time he speaks to media about
reasons behind his decision
He recited the shahada,
declaration of faith, after visiting
a Muslim scholar last week with
Mohammedan manager Amirul
Islam, his former team-mate
Kaiser Hamid, Zaker party
leader Amir Faisal and club
official Abu Hasan Prince.
“I am a grown up man brother. I
am free to make my own
decisions. None of my family
members protested the decision,”
he said.
Emeka, however, said that the
large number of friends he made
in Bangladesh is like his family
and they gave him good support
in making the decision.
“Bangladesh is my second home
and I have some friends here
who are like my brothers. They
helped me in making the
decision,” Emeka said.
New Man
Finding Islam, Emeka said the
decision made him stronger.
He added that his life has
become more disciplined as he
has to offer prayers more now
and follow some other rituals of
the religion.

Assalamu 'alaykum wa wa
rahmatuLlahi Barakatuh
To Allah we belong and to Allah
we will return!
It's with sadness that we heard
the death of our brother Abdur
Rashid Abdullah (Clement
Hampton-El), prisoner in the
United States at the beginning
He died in prison at the age of
76. May Allah have mercy on
him and grant him the highest
level of Paradise! Do not forget
him in your invocations!
For the fourth consecutive year,
Sanabil has organized its annual
picnic, Praise be to Allah it was a
beautiful fraternal day.

We would like take this
newsletter to apologize to all
those who write us letters. Our
answers are late. However, we
want to answer you all if Allah
wills it. May Allah make Sanabil
team stronger and allow us to be
more responsive!

“I have just planted a seed and
now I have to nourish it into a
tree,” said Emeka
“I know that I will discover
many good sides of this decision
with time but at this moment I
can say the religion has made my
life more disciplined,” he added.

Sanâbil Team


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