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COSMETIC Aphrodisiac

Geisha Cream
The goal… Feminine orgasm… Exciting proposal the Geisha Cream!

A thoughtful alliance of natural products: Canola oil, bee wax, ylang ylang,
ginseng and eucalyptus to energize feminine organs.
The approach: a light application of Geisha Cream inside and outside the genital organs,
mix with subtle touchings or with some hard action and you will be sent into raptures.
Geisha Cream enjoys a solid reputation and this since 1998, Geisha Cream, a reliable product.
Comes in a plastic jar of 15gr, good for dozens of applications. Geisha Cream stimulates in a
natural way the contractions of the vaginal walls; it becomes more sensible to touch and the
feeling of being penetrated is strong. Your Geisha Cream used in combination with your Japanese
Balls, yes a good idea. A G-Spot swelling effect, an excited clitoris, a call for sex here are the goal
and it’s achieved through the Feminine Orgasm.


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