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Enchanting Activity n° 7

Between April 24th 2014 and April 24th 2015
dream your Armenian identity away! What
can you do to get just a little closer to your
Armenian roots? Is it learning the Armenian
alphabet or marrying your Armenian darling?
Is it flying to Etchmiadzin to baptize your child
or climbing the Mont Ararat with best
friends? Or is it writing your first book or
launching your linguistic studies in one of
Europe’s capitals?
Embracement of reconciliation of the French Léon Gautier, a member of the
commando Kieffer (left) and German Johannes Börner on remembering D-Day
on June 6th, 2014, Ouistreham Normandy. MAXPPP/Ian Langsdon

And why not just cleaning up your cellar at
long last or calling up an old friend to say: Hi
pall, just wanted to check up on you, listen,
I’m sorry and I miss you, all right? …
Whatever it takes to make you feel better,
do it for their sake, for all those who died in
1915 so that we could live on. Realize your
dream for them, on their behalf and, for the
more spiritual among us, with them. And
please, don’t forget to share your Armenian
dream with us all at After April 24th 2015
( …

Thank you for avoiding the word ‘because’ in your answer…

Enchanting activity n°7: Yéraz me ounim! Share your dream with us! – 2nd Oct 2014. After April 24th 2015 in association with Magic JUMA23 unite for Armenia!
Paul &Marie Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian Alex, GD Luxemburg,

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