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Lindsay / United States

I wish that I was a ballet dancer. I think that would be really awesome to be able to
stand on my tiptoes and be a beautiful ballerina dancer, like a swan.
Matt / United States

If I could choose one talent over anything else, I think that would be to be able to
write nicely. My handwriting is so poor that even I have trouble reading it. So, if I could
magically get a new talent, that would be to have nice handwriting.
Shiloh / United States

I wish that I could play soccer. A lot of my friends enjoy playing soccer. When you
travel to other parts of the world, people love soccer, and I'm always left out because I don't
know what's going on and I'm no good. So, I feel that if I was able to play soccer, I would
have an in with new friends and be able to meet some interesting new people.
Paul / England

I wish I was able to play the guitar to a high standard. I have recently bought a guitar;
however, I'm yet able to play. It's something I feel that is also kind of a social thing, where
you can play a music, which people will always respond to and enjoy.
Tim / United States

I wish that I could sing. I can't sing very well, I feel, but there are a lot of people who
think I would have a good singing voice. But since I'm not very confident with singing and
never really try, I don't know how to get better. So, I wish I was just better at it automatically.

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