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The town of Pinerolo is responsible, among other things, for promoting tourism in the city. Every year it organizes in
collaboration with local associations some touristic and cultural events to enhance the activities related to the horse
and the cavalry, including the following:
 the event ‘MASCHERA DI FERRO’ described in the document attached to the application;
 in collaboration with ’Associazione sportiva dilettantistica Federico Caprilli’ organizes the NATIONAL
AND INTERNATIONAL RIDING COMPETITIONS. In 1994 Angelo Distaso (Cavalry Officer and
Commander of Nice in 1975), strongly supported by Gianni Agnelli, gave rise to a successful series of
horse shows in the scenic Piazza D'Armi. The whole organization has the purpose of making known to
the world, through horse shows, the existence of Pinerolo Cavalry City. And the numbers of touristic
presences confirmed this event as an irreplaceable appointment for the greatest Italian and foreign
riders that have represented up to 35 nations
 the FEDERAL NATIONAL SCHOOL OF RIDING commissioned by the town of Pinerolo in
collaboration with the Association of amateur sports Federico Caprilli;
 The RADUNI EQUITURISTICI Every year there are a couple of touristic riding rallies in Pinerolo, one
through the streets of the Chisone valley and the second in the countryside around Pinerolo.
 The SCHOOL OF FARRIERY The town of Pinerolo launched at the premises of the Federal National
School of Riding some courses in equine podiatry and farriery. Specifically, the courses will be aimed at
college students, young graduates in veterinary medicine, those who wish to take up the business of a
blacksmith, to farrier in activities without patent certifying vocational training, as well as to those who
are already in possession of the patent, intend to proceed to retraining, giving them the opportunity to
deepen the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the equine foot and its diseases, the methods of
shoeing according to the "Italian school" (contemplating iron forge, recognition of defects and
realization of irons to be used as corrective systems and / or therapeutic).
 The municipality also owns the Cavallerizza Caprilli (indoor riding) where competitions are held from
time to time.
As part of the local sustainable development and sustainable tourism, the town of Pinerolo has promoted significant
events placing environmental issues at the center of territorial development projects, as follows:
 THE TERRITORIAL PACT (with the project entitled "Promotion of sustainability in Pinerolo" funded by the
Province of Turin in the Provincial program of environmental interventions 2002 (ex-PTTA) and co-funded by
the City of Pinerolo, the Mountain Community Val Pellice , by the Mountain Community Chisone and
Germanasca Valleys, the Mountain Community Pinerolese Pedemontano, the Association of Municipalities
of Po River) and the Integrated Territorial District Program of the Olympic Valleys, Pinerolo and Val
Sangone. With particular regard to the PTI, the starting point has been to define a new and necessary
development strategy of the territory as a 'culture of entrepreneurial spirit and territorial sustainability "in
the context of a new and necessary alliance between public and private operators; the entrepreneurial spirit today more present in industry and craftsman than in areas with higher touristic values - is an important
matter of territorial identity and intended as a resource, the "engine of development", a social capital not to
be lost, but to share, enhance, disseminate, enhance and transfer; the ideal of territorial sustainability – in
environmental and social terms - in its infancy both in the industrial and touristic areas, but it needs to
develop in order to give producers of the whole territory (ie included in PTI) greater competitiveness (ie
consolidation in this area) along with greater compatibility with environment and local society (ie
consolidation without subtraction / exploitation of social and environmental capital). The regional
sustainability can also be pursued through the construction of quality space to increase the attractiveness for
business and leisure travelers in suitable areas. The initiatives and actions proposed under this program are
socially, economically and territorially functional to the implementation of the strategies identified.
Corporate and sustainability culture, which is an intangible capital necessary to territorial system either
included in PTI, has be the leading element of the production transition and of innovation towards the
definition of a new profile of the local productive land, where competitiveness and sustainability are the two
fundamental pillars. Within the project have been realized the bridleways of Pinerolo. For more details,
please refer to the projects on web page
 currently assisted in the realization of the pilot project “GREEN ECONOMY: FUORI DALLA
NICCHIA” (anni 2014-2015) funded by Piedmont Region, in collaboration with Regional School Office

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