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Job Posting
October 7
Available Position
Project Manager in Public Participation and Regional Coordinator
About Transfert Environment and Society
For over 25 years, Transfert Environment and Society (TES) has developed its unique expertise
and approach to achieving social acceptance of industrial and institutional projects. TES’ mission
is to build bridges between project proponents and communities, using public participation
mechanisms. Oriented towards sustainable and responsible development, TES’ social
development approach favors a real dialog between all stakeholders. TES can now rely on 15
professionals with proven credentials from working on more than 100 projects. TES has become
the largest enterprise specialized in public participation, environmental communication and
social acceptability processes in Quebec.
TES is expanding into Ontario. It is in this context, that TES is opening a position in Toronto.
Key role and functions
The project manager in public participation will be assigned to various projects in Ontario relying
on TES' participatory approaches on industrial or institutional projects. Working as part of a
team, this person will undertake social diagnostics, social design strategies and prepare public
consultation processes for environmental assessment processes and for longer-term community
engagement. The project manager will also hold a key role in facilitating dialog platforms
between proponents and communities in order to ensure concerns are taken into account
throughout the project development. As a regional coordinator (Ontario), the project manager
will also need to represent the firm and ensure the coordination of the various assignments in
in the project manager will be responsible for:

Participating in proposal processes
Planning and monitoring projects
Writing and/or reviewing key deliverables
Ensuring customer relations on her/his projects
Contributing to strategic advice on her/his projects
Ensuring an efficient coordination of resources

Participating in the quality control processes of the firm
Contributing to the strategic development activities of the firm

Preferred Abilities
Members of our team share common values of excellence, rigor, impartiality and social
engagement. We wish to recruit professionals who share those values and also demonstrate
the following abilities:

Superior writing abilities
Excellent interpersonal communication skills
Clear interest for teamwork and participatory approaches
Seeking excellence
Spirit of innovation
Desire to participate in the growth of our SME


3 to 8 years of relevant experience (we accept more senior CVs and responsibility level
would be changed to Project Director)
Preferred fields of study: anthropology/sociology, communication/journalism,
environment, CSR or other relevant degrees
Graduate studies preferred
Bilingual English and French, and for this position, superior writing and speaking skills in
Excellent understanding of social acceptance and public participation in environmental
review processes (federal and Ontario)
Mobility is required to support our clients at project sites


Full-time position
Starting November 3rd, 2014
Salary: To be negotiated based on years of experience and internal compensation scales
Flexible schedule: 40 hours a week

Application Documents

Curriculum vitae
Introduction letter (please indicate who referred you to TES, if applicable)
Please send your documents to Ms. Julie Reid Forget
( by October 20, 2014.

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