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Garage Door Repair St Paul
Professional garage door specialists
We are the best in the industry. Custom
Door Sales Inc. has been serving customers
in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St.
Paul for more than 65 years. Not only do we
supply hundreds of garage doors,
accessories, and parts, we also specialize in
garage door installation and garage door
repair work for residential and commercial
Constructed of top quality materials, highly
detailed raised panel, deep woodgrain
texture and two coat prefinished paint
system all combine to enhance the beauty of
your home.

The best residential garage doors in the market
Choose from a multitude of styles,
materials, and colors. From basic noninsulated, economy priced steel doors, to
custom designed wood garage doors, we
can fill almost any order in the greater
Twin Cities area.
The quality service you will get as our
At Custom Door Sales, all of our
residential garage doors have
commercial grade hinges, nylon rollers
with ball bearings, and 15,000 cycle
torsion springs. Our products,
warranties, and knowledgeable sales
staff, will enhance your garage door
shopping experience.

Affordable and durable commercial garage
Custom Door Sales services the
Twin City Metro area and offers
durable but affordable commercial
garage doors. Contact Custom Door
Sales to learn more about the options
for commercial garage doors and for
all of your service, repair and
installation needs.
The highest quality of garage
doors on the market today.
At Custom Door Sales, all of our
doors have commercial grade
hinges, nylon rollers with ball
bearings, and 15,000 cycle torsion

24-Gauge Steel
Looks can be deceiving. From a
distance, you see wood. Up close, it's
durable, low-maintenance steel.
Authentic carriage house looks, modern
functionality to complement your home's
exterior. We strive each and every day to
meet the specific needs of each and
every customer we deal with. From basic
service and adjustments to custom built
garage doors and openers we have been
servicing the Twin Cities and
surrounding areas for over 50 years. Our
history of loyal relationships with
customers and our 50 employees have
helped us grow into an industry leader,
and motivates all of us to continue our
tradition of exceptional products and

For more information please visit our site

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