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(few) Differences

between Jehovah witness and protestantism

Who is Jesus for the Jehovah witness ?
Jesus is seen as a prophet, the son of God and Maria. He is the son of God, not God Himself.
He is less powerful than His Father. He is seen as the human form of the angel Michael. He
came on earth and was sacrificed to save human people from the absence of Love from God,
not from hell. In fact, in the Jehovah witness, hell doesn't exist.
They think that the name of God is Jehovah, and want people to know it.

Who is Jesus for the protestantism ?
Jesus is seen as the son of God, created inside the virgin Maria by the Holy spirit 1. He is
human and divine2. He is the only human who has never committed a sin 3, the perfection
personified. He is completely linked with His Father since he was baptised by John in the
Jordan4 and can ask for His help to cure people 5, chase the demons6 and even resurrect the
Before the coming of Jesus, God had given some rules for human to respect 8. No one had
been able to respect it completely. The punishment in return was supposed to be the hell for
every human being. But, as God loves His creatures so much, he offered another way to be
saved : His Son Jesus Christ9.
As people can't be saved by the law of God, because it's impossible to respect it, the only
way to be saved is to believe in the name of Jesus10 and the fact He is God, sacrificed for us.
Jesus is the Word incarnated 11 . The idea of the Trinity means that God is composed by three
parts : the Father ( the intellect) , the Son ( the Word) and the Holy Spirit ( the Life ) .
Human are also composed by their intellect, word and life. This is why the Bible says we
have been created in His own image12.
In the Bible, the hell does exist. It is a place what was created for the devil and his fallen
angels13 . The ones who go there will burn forever14. The human who don't believe in Jesus
won't be forgiven for their sins and will be condamned to go there, as a punishment.


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