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The Rhaetian Railway
The initial foundation for the RhB railway was
laid in 1889 with the narrow gauge railway
"Landquart-Davos-Bahn" when the first steam
train from Landquart to Klosters was established. In 1890 the railway line was extended
to Davos. Due to its continuos extension
throughout all these years the RhB railway
(official name since 1895) has a mainline
character in Graubünden. The initial steam
locomotive operation started to change to
electric operation when the line Bever-Scuol
was established in 1913. Gradually, the iron
horses were swapped to electric locomotives
- such as the legendary Rhaetian Crocodile.
Today, after 125 years of operation, the RhB
is proud to own a large selection of historic rolling stock from the past century that
may be operated. How the vehicle development has evolved within the past 125 years
can be seen today with the G 3/4 1 Rhätia
steam locomotive (built in 1889) and most
modern RhB train, the ALLEGRA (2009).
In addition to the 125 year anniversary,
the RhB also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Chur-Arosa line this year.

Speziell zum 125-jährigen Jubiläum stellte die RhB im Dezember 2013 eine Jubiläumslokomotive vor.
Am 21. Januar 2014 bespannte die Ge 4/4 II 623 einen Regio-Express von Scuol-Tarasp nach Disentis.
The special 125 year RhB jubilee artwork locomotive was presented December 2013.
On January 21, 2014 the jubilee locomotive Ge 4/4 II 623 trailed a regio express train heading from Scuol-Tarasp to Disentis.
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