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Summary of the first six pages of
What Technology Wants,
by Kevin Kelly
October 13, 2014
At the beginning of the book, the author says that when you own very
little, time seems abundant. Then, we learn that the author grew up in the
60’s and was surrounded by technology. When TV arrived in his house, he
didn’t like it because he thought TV beckon people at specific time and hold
them for a while. So, he decided to follow his own path and to live without
the influence of technology. For example, he built a house from scratch with
a friend. Nevertheless, some technologies seems good to him, for example the
chainsaw he used when he built his house. Moreover, first computer networks
were a good thing according to him. Indeed, he says that the internet is a
way for people who can’t meet each other to share their ideas. In fact, Kevin
Kelly used the first teleconference systems in the early 80’s. But despite that,
he don’t use PDAs, smartphones, twitter... He rose his children without TV.
He says that he wrote this book to solve the dilemma he had with technology.

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