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Auto Shipping California
We at BKK Transport & Brokerage offer the high standard of transport service in all states and
nationwide. Our Instant Auto transport quote calculator will give you the exact and accurate
information regarding auto shipping rates. This shipping Calculator does not require any personal
information and it is easy to use as well. In this easy to use Instant Vehicle Shipping Calculator, you
just have inserted the zip code, city and state, from the venue to destination. We understand all the
needs and requirement of our client and deliver them the finest auto transport service.

BKK Services Offered
BKK Transport and Auto Logistics is a versatile and comprehensive Auto Transport Company. We
can literally move anything and everything when it comes to Automobiles and other Heavy
equipments. We are immensely experienced and highly professional when it comes to guaranteeing
high end car shipping services. We are also equipped with the latest technologies, equipments and
other resources as well to provide astonishing and exquisite auto transport services. As a customer
oriented firm, best deals for your auto relocation is made only in our organization. Your satisfaction
is our primary motto.

Benefits of Auto Transport Companies in Florida

Florida auto transportation is not an easy task unless and until you choose the right car shipping
company. Once you have identified the right company then there are several benefits that you get to
enjoy. Driving the roads of America is fun but driving across the country when you are moving to a
new city can cause distress. There are several things that you will be in need of when you are

planning to drive yourself, predominantly time and money fuel and motel expenses. With that said,
driving all the way from your place can be a difficult task. Hence, letting a Florida auto transport
company to move your car will help you save a lot.
Primarily there are some benefits that one can enjoy with Florida car transport shipping companies
and it is they help you save money, save time, makes it travel the way you want ultimately
decreasing your stress related to auto shipping. In addition to the aforementioned benefits
consumers and auto manufacturing leaders alike benefit from the lowest Florida auto transport
rates and the maximum level of trust and dependability. You also get free Quotes on Florida Auto
Transport. Receive a Free Instant Auto Transport Quote by using the Free Form i.e. the shipping

Auto Transport
Punctuality, quality, efficiency and professionalism
are something that is closely tied up with Bkk Auto
Transport Services. Safety of your automobile is
our primary importance and we guarantee to make
you smile with our prolific services.
Relocation is one among the most tedious and
complicated task, especially when there is a vehicle
involved. As a professional Auto Transport
Company we understand this factor pretty well.
The only solution for providing a smooth transition
relies upon plotting an efficient and effective strategy and this is exactly what we are good at. After
series of negotiations which becomes imperative for us to understand your transport requirements,
we promise to come up with a formidable plan for transporting your car to preferred destination in
the most comprehensive manner possible.

Heavy Equipment Shipping

Heavy equipment hauling/shipping is a highly complicated, traumatic and tedious task that adds a
lot of overhead by all means. It cannot be performed smoothly without expertise, knowledge and
experience. One needs to take very good care and responsibility for the same. Most of these heavy

equipments are very expensive, that are unaffordable for a single person. Mostly organizations and
companies invest on these equipments for their functioning. In some cases, government boards are
most likely to be involved.
Tanks and missile launching pads are used by defense boards around the globe and they need their
equipments to be safely transported to the destined location with at most care and responsibility.
Similarly a development company that needs to shift heavy equipment like forklifts, backhoes and
cranes also needs to perform many precautionary prior to shipping the equipment in order to
ensure its safety. Moving the company’s heavy equipments do not have to involve a lot of stress
which is very predominant when you take the burden on your own shoulders, and especially when
you lack the necessary expertise to perform such a task. Certainly there are certain feasible steps
that you could avail to facilitate a hassle-free vehicle transport.

Auto Transport
Punctuality, quality, efficiency and professionalism
are something that is closely tied up with Bkk Auto
Transport Services. Safety of your automobile is our
primary importance and we guarantee to make you
smile with our prolific services.

Contact Us
BKK Transport & Brokerage
1 s 299 Ingersoll Lane,
Villa Park, IL 60181
Customer Services
Tel: Toll Free 888-666-2202
Fax: (888) 666-2390

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