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Yellowstone Park Vacation Packages .pdf

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Yellowstone Park Vacation Packages
Yellowstone Wolf Tracker arranges custom single and multiple-day
wildlife watching excursions, year-round with national park service
approved providers, The Wild Side, LLC. Our guides are very
experienced wildlife biologists who have been tracking and
observing wolves since reintroduction in 1995. They combine
natural and cultural history, scientific investigation, conservation
advocacy, film documentary, and extensive on-the-ground
The best seasons for wolf viewing are winter, spring, and fall, which are also quiet times in the
park; however, we offer the service throughout the year. Outings originate near the north
entrance of the park where we typically meet groups in the early morning at Gardiner,
Montana; or a nearby location upon arrangement.
Your best opportunity to view and learn about wolves in
their natural habitat lies in hiring a guide and spending a
day tracking and observing these elusive wild animals.
Along the way guests are also likely to see large herds of
elk and bison, as well as, grizzly bears, eagles, moose,
pronghorn antelope, mountain goat, bighorn sheep,
coyotes, black bears, and others. Possible, too, are
sightings of river otters, badgers, pine martens, owls, and
other more rare wildlife. Most importantly about the guiding services is that you will learn
about the ecology, history, and current issues of Yellowstone from local biologist guides with
experience in wildlife study with wolves and other species in Yellowstone!

Winter Wolf Watching
While the temperatures for winter months can be frigid, there is no better
time to be observing Yellowstone's wolf packs. Watching wild wolves with
the experts in Yellowstone's premier wolf spotting season is often the most
rewarding and amazing experience we can offer. Your hosts are Dr. Nathan
Varley, a native of Yellowstone whose has studied wolf & elk ecology, and
Linda Thurston, whose experience includes research and cutting-edge wolf
conservation techniques.

Spring Wolf Watching
All-inclusive immersions in the world of wild wolves, bears, and other wildlife in Yellowstone National
Park with The Wild Side Tours & Treks:

Join wildlife biologists Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston and The Wild Side expert guides as
they journey through Yellowstone National Park’s famous wildlife sanctuary observing gray
wolves, grizzly bears, moose, and a host of other wildlife species. Enjoy comfortable
accommodations in picturesque settings, great outdoor picnic meals, as well as, fine dining.
Learn from the experts who have spent their lives studying wildlife and teaching about the
dramatic ecosystem that Yellowstone Park was created to protect.
On a typical trip we may see wolves from several packs and other species
including grizzlies, bison, moose, and many birds. We have witnessed Grizzly
Bear stares at onlookers By Nathan Varley wildlife. Don’t miss this opportunity
to watch wolves on the move as the sun rises, grizzly bears bird-dogging
through the sage hunting for elk calves, vast herds of bison stampeding across
open grasslands, and bighorn sheep walking precariously along narrow cliff
walls. While we may emphasize the “charismatic megafauna,” we don’t ignore
the “enigmatic microfauna” either. We will also look for birds of all sizes and
color, and small carnivores like otters, coyotes, foxes, badgers, and weasels.

For more information please visit

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