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Alaska Bear Tours
Sasquatch Alaska Adventure Co. will guide you through a Life
changing experience on our Alaska Bear viewing tours, guided
Camping tours and Flightseeeing tours. We love Alaska and the
amazing Wilderness offered to us and want to share it with you and
preserve it with minimum impact to the environment. Hence our
name: Sasquatch, leave only tracks…
We are a family owned and operated business in beautiful Homer, Alaska. All of our tours
depart from the Homer Airport. Homer is perfectly placed to see some of the very best that
Alaska has to offer! We have great access to Katmai National Park to the Southwest, Lake Clark
National Park to the West and Kenai Fjords National Park to the south of us. From the Homer
Airport you are only minutes away from flying above the blue glaciers and dramatic mountain
peaks of the Harding and Grewink-Yalik Ice fields.
Most of our bear viewing day tours take place along the wild east
coast of Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park among
the largest population density of brown bears in the world. Alaska
has some of the most amazing scenery in the world and this is the
most amazing part of the state to operate our tours.
We fly alongside active volcanoes and huge glaciers. It is considered the wilderness alternative
to Brooks Camp since it gets way less human traffic. We have over 20 years combined
experience flying the in Katmai and Lake Clark and we use all of that experience to maintain the
very best quality bear viewing and flight tours in the entire state of Alaska. Our bear viewing
base camp is moved around to different locations within Katmai National Park.
Our evening flightseeing tours take place above Kachemak Bay State
Park and Kenai Fjords National Park among the amazing mountains
and glaciers along the south side of the Kachemak Bay. This
uninhabited area across from Homer is often called the wild coast of
the Kenai. Another option is to fly across the Cook Inlet from Homer
over and among the active volcanoes.

Alaska Bear Viewing Day tour
We lead you to some of the most amazing places in Alaska where
you can experience wild Alaskan brown bears in their natural
habitat. The area we fly to is in the middle of the largest
population concentration of brown bears in the world! This is a
wilderness tour, we walk along the same trails as the bears do,
sit on the same river banks as they do and observe them as they
go about their day to day Life. There are no barriers, fences or
platforms separating us from the bears and other wildlife. Depending on the time of year which
you choose to come you can expect to see the bears grazing on sedge grass, digging up clams,
playing together, courting each other, resting, and fishing.
Bear viewing is our passion, the reason we are in business and we are committed to a
sustainable business. On our tours in the parks we follow strict leave no trace policies and
behave in a way that has the least impact on the bears and other wildlife. Like the sasquatch
our goal is always to leave only tracks.
All of our bear viewing tours depart from the airport in Homer Alaska and fly past glaciers and
volcanoes along the rugged coastlines of Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park.
They are perfect for professional and amateur photographers, naturalists, wildlife viewers,
National Park enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys spending time in a beautiful wilderness.

Alaska Bear Viewing Trips
On our guided camping tours we experience the remote wilderness of Alaska. We set up
temporary base camps in strategic locations within Katmai National Park and take day hikes
from the camp. We explore and enjoy some of the most superb wildlife viewing, scenery and
photography opportunities in the Alaska, returning to the base camp for meals and for the
These are rough camping tours. We sleep in tents, safe and warm but leave many of the
creature comforts behind. We work together to operate a safe camp in a very beautiful and
remote setting. The food provided on these tours is nutritious, healthy high energy camping
food (please don’t expect gourmet food) and the guide is responsible for supervising all food
preparation and cleaning in order to maintain a safe environment.

For more information please visit

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