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Date of birth: November,06th 1986
Address: 29 Rue Mohamed Belloul Anfa, 20000
Casablanca, Morocco
Cell phone: (212) 665458940
Driver's license

Creative, graduated with Master’s degree in International Business , motivated and enthusiast with
strong communication skills, seeking for internship within your company. Seeking to broaden business
expertise, which can be applied to my Future career.

Sep 2007- Sep 2013:

Master of Business Administration in International Business,
ESCA School of Management, Casablanca, Morocco
Dual degree With IAE Lille, Lille, France

Jan 2012- Mai 2012:

Erasmus Student, Exchange semester at
“ESSCA Business School”, Budapest, Hungary.

Sep 2003-June 2006:

High School Diploma, the group of school Ain Diab
Casablanca, Morocco.

Mai 1st- June 30th 2013 : 8 weeks Training period in the corporate banking of Bmce Bank
- International department , Casablanca, Morocco
Discovering and understanding payment methods
Receiving the import license from clients and importers
Assisting the head of the foreign department to make payments
and transfers of imports.

July1 2012-Jan1st 2013 : 24 weeks Training period in the Shipping company
“ Finaval.Spa” Rome, Italy.
- Chartering and Commercial Department
Working on marketing strategy of new activity that company planned
to launch : Swot Analysis , 4 forces of Porter.
Insert the data for billing and payments on the system
April 1st-June 31 th 2011: 12 weeks Training period in the Multinational company
“Shell Morocco” Casablanca, Morocco
- Supply and distribution Department
Assisting the supply manager in operations
Working on the annual report of aviation service by contacting
the airports within the country and checking with them the results
Jan 4th-Feb 27th 2010 : 8 weeks Training period at Kenzi Hotels group
“Kenzi Tower Hotel” Casablanca, Morocco
- Purchasing Department
Organize, track and control the delivery of purchases
Enter on the computer system the purchase orders
Check and control supplier invoices: check price


Native in Arabic ,Fluent in French and in English and Basics in Spanish
Pack office (Word, Power Point et Excel), Sphinx and Email systems

Musician “Guitar and the bass Guitar”
Cultural travel, Football, Cinema


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