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Blood Sugar Formula

Cal-Mag Stress Formula - 100 Tabs
 Calcium & Magnesium are
 minerals that work synergistically
 with one another to promote
 enhanced absorption. Calcium is
 necessary for strong bones and
 teeth, and Magnesium is
 for healthy enzymatic activity. In
 addition, NOW Cal-Mag Stress
 Formula provides a full spectrum
 B-vitamins and Vitamin C.

Enzymedica Acid Soothe, 30 Caps
 contains botanicals and beneficial
plant-based enzymes to promote
absorption of nutrients and help
maintain digestive health.* Acid
Soothe™ contains amylase, lipase,

and cellulase Thera-blend™
enzymes to enhance carbohydrate,
fat, and fiber digestion.

Marshmallow Root has a high
protein and mucilage-carbohydrate
content which the body can use to
manufacture the necessary
materials for new tissue production.
Marshmallow also has mucilaginous
(adhesive) properties enabling it to
surround and expel foreign matter,
having a soothing effect on the
mucosal membrane tissue.

New Wave Enviro Premium 10 Stage Walter Filtration
 Get great tasting, healthy water for
 just pennies per gallon! -- Enviro
 Products’ patented 10 Stage Water

 Filter delivers chlorine-free,
 odorless, great-tasting water at your
 kitchen sink. The space-saving,
 attractive countertop filter installs
 easily in seconds to any standard

 faucet and allows you to easily
 change between tap water* and
 filtered water as needed.

Redd Remedies
Lung Care Inhaler
$8.99 $6.79

New Wave Enviro
Premium 10 Stage
$69.99 $54.99

Nutrex Spirulina
Powder, 16oz
Retail Price:
Our price: $34.99

Nutrex BioAstin
Supreme, 60 Caps
Retail Price:
Our price: $19.99

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