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Your Business Newsletter
Vol. 15 - June 2014.

Message from
the General Manager,
MTN Business

Dear Customer,
This month, we feature MTN Hosted
PABX; a solution that has the ability to
reduce your corporate phone bills and
get even more functionality at the same
In the New World of Business, you need
cost-effective connectivity solutions and
with MTN Hosted PABX, your business
can operate professionally without any
significant investment.
MTN Hosted PABX is a hosted fixed line
solution that allows you to communicate
with your clients 24/7. This solution
comprises of a combination of
best-in-class technologies, combining
voice and data technology, to deliver
innovative services to businesses over an
Internet Protocol (IP) system.
MTN Hosted PABX delivers strict controls
comprising advanced security measures
plus a consistently
environment to ensure the optimum
performance of the service.
With this solution, your business can have
free internal voice calls and cheaper data
over your corporate
network and still enjoy standard voice
calls. MTN Hosted PABX is another
first from Uganda’s Number One ICT
For more information on how to sign up
for MTN Hosted PABX, please contact us
on any of the addresses below.
Reginald Kafeero

Say goodbye to call management hassles,
say welcome to MTN Hosted PABX.
With MTN Hosted PABX, you enjoy the benefits of an advanced call routing service without any hassles.
That’s because MTN hosts it for you. In addition to this, you can connect employees’ home and mobile
phones to the same of f ice system. And you don’t have to make a signifcant investment to get a
sophisticated system that allows you to transfer calls, conference call, have an automated attendant and
more. Contact us to tailor a solution for you.

MTN Hosted PABX benefits
• Limited infrastructure investment. Since the solution will be hosted by MTN, your
business will only invest in IP handsets and optional voice gateway equipment.
• Improved ef ficiency. By combining data and voice technologies, your business will
enjoy lower operating costs and increased ef ficiency in the work place.
• Reliability of Service. MTN Hosted PABX is hosted in a secure environment that has
constant system monitoring for availability, reliability and performance.
• Scalability. The solution is scalable to suit any business size across any number of
• Easy Management. Users and services management can be quickly configured and
implemented through an easy to-use interface.
• Innovative and future-proof technology. The solution designed to grow with and
adopt to new technologies and applications.

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