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New way of café: Counter café!
In 2012, Pierre Bodmer and Arthur Blanchard founded the company. Pierre gave
some thoughts about what to do next after graduating. Then he had a
tremendous idea of a new kind of café and started to look for someone to help
him out building the company. And this is the thoroughly moment where Arthur
stepped up and gave the support Countercafé needed to make it happens.
Both co-founders are native of Seattle in the United States of America and this is
where their first café has been established.
What is this revolutionary café?
This start up is based on an innovative idea of Café. Instead of paying your
coffee one by one, you pay for the time you stayed in the café.
But, Countercafé provides not only several types of coffees but also numerous
teas and snacks.
The main purpose of the café is to allow people to meet up and to work/study in a
efficient way. The company makes available for customers a bunch of digital
supports: projector, scanner, printer, computer, and fast wifi.
The place is organized in a way that promotes co-working but you can spend
time on your own and even chill out.
But we want to go further, we want to make a community out of it. Therefore we
often organize workshops, conferences or invite interesting people for an informal
talk. Customers can also hold events at the CounterCafé. It can be a conference,
presentation, workshop or even your birthday party. We will always provide you
with a space where the rest of our guests will not disturb you and where you will
not disturb them.
CounterCafé opened its second revolutionary café in Seattle in 2013. And we are
clearly booming this year, in 2014. Our turnover made a large improvement with
an output growth of more than 15%. And we consider opening a third café in
California. Our strategy is to capture the domestic markets by spreading our
concept all over America. Then, we want to conquer the world by having several
café in the most important cities.


New kind of Café
™  Based on his founder’s idea, Pierre Bodmer has teamed
up with Arthur Blanchard and founded the company in
2012 in Seattle.
™  CounterCafé is an alternative of the usual café. It is
based on an innovative idea: Instead of paying your
coffee one by one, you pay for the time you stayed in
the café. But it goes way further than that, we held
events and so do you!

How to contact us
™  Headquarters Adress : 2201 Westlake Avenue, Suite
Seattle, WA 98121 USA
™  Mailing adress :

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