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Kayak Tours Vancouver Island .pdf

Nom original: Kayak Tours Vancouver Island.pdf
Titre: Vancouver Island Sea Kayaking Tours

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Kayak Tours Vancouver Island

Sea Kayak Tours & Wilderness Retreat
For over 40 years, West Coast Expeditions have been marine
ecology tour leaders in British Columbia, creating and
delivering unmatched diverse west coast experiences,
including over 25 years with guided sea kayaking
adventures. With attention to detail, we offer you base
camp kayaking tours with camping comforts like nowhere
else, highly flexible family kayaking options, and more "out
there" guided sea kayak expeditions on the edge of Canada.

Aboriginal Tourism connections with local First Nations ownership, services, and
everyday interactions
Kayaking Professionals as respected pioneers, educators, innovators and leaders
Ecotourism affiliations with the Wilderness Tourism Association of BC, Aboriginal
Tourism BC, the Georgia Strait Alliance, BC Marine Trails Network, BC Cetacean
Sightings Network, and the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC
Responsible tourism commitments to the area, including volunteer environmental
monitoring & stewardship
Unmatched base camp comforts & conveniences with very low site impacts &
carbon footprint
Personalized west coast adventures that bring loved ones and friends together,
building community

Vancouver Island Sea Kayaking Tours
Join us on Spring Island every June to September summer paddling season for
professionally guided sea kayak tours, old-growth forest walks, shoreline hikes, and
diverse wildlife viewing. Savour a flexible, fun, and refreshing vacation at the only
wilderness retreat like it in Canada!

Truly get away - kayaking in Kyuquot, off the beaten path! Experience the joy,
wonder, and diversity of a remote Vancouver Island adventure destination rich in
marine biology and Aboriginal culture, where the coast meets the mountains.
Since 1972 we've specialized in fun authentic experiences that connect people with
the west coast, including over 25 years of guided sea kayaking trips in Kyuquot's
spectacular BC coastal ecosystem, home of the curious sea otter.
Sea Kayak Fishing Tour/Course : Fishing and kayaking are a great combination.
Doing this from the convenience, comforts, and idyllic location of our Wilderness
Retreat on Spring Island is even better! This experience is scheduled around the
moon, and to allow morning and afternoon fishing sessions around tides. Done in
partnership with SKILS.
The shallow draft, manoeuvrability, and stealth of the kayak allow anglers to tuck
into the nooks and crannies that fish love, close to the kelp and rocks.

Instructional Kayak Expedition
Learning while doing...and in the best possible west
coast kayaking location! Groups can arrange for a
customized instructional expedition that introduces
practical lessons and skill development with the
basic itinerary of our Bunsby or Brooks Expeditions.

Instructional Kayaking Courses & Tours
Boost your confidence and proficiency to more fully
enjoy the incredible places that you visit by kayak.
Our Wilderness Retreat, instructional guiding team,
and industry partners offer the perfect combination
for scheduled or customized instructional courses
or tours.

For more information please visit

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