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IAFL Sfax 2014 Registration & Accommodation
Dear IAFL Sfax 2014 Tunisian Conference-goers:
This document provides you with an update about registration and accommodation. For your convenience,
we will be sending detailed information about the conference, updated list of participants, pre-conference
workshops, and presentation guidelines very shortly. You are therefore kindly invited to visit the conference
website to read up on our latest news periodically posted online.



The conference fees for the IAFL 2014 are as follows:
Full Registration Package

460 TND

Per Day Registration Package

120 TND (Standard registration fee) PLUS 50 TND per day

Student Package* (for each 5-student group)

A discount of 25% on per day registration rates

(*) For student registrants proof of status is required.
Standard Registration fee includes:
 Conference folder
 Access to all conference materials & Wi-Fi facilities
 All refreshments and coffee/tea breaks
 Guided city tour
Full Registration Package fee covers:

Standard registration fee
Three buffet lunches
Accommodation for two nights at the conference venue hotel
Guided city tour

(Full & Per Day) Registration fees exclude:

Conference social dinner on Saturday 13th December 2014 (60 TND)
Post-conference excursion to Southern Tunisia (details will be posted later)

Please note that IAFL Sfax 2014 registration is a two-step procedure:
(a) Complete and submit the Online Registration Form (Click here) (REQUIRED!)
(b) Once submitting the form, you will receive a REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION document
including your registration code and specifying the required amount to be transferred. Money transfer
proof is required. Please send a scanned copy of the money transfer receipt to
You can pay for the registration fees through one of the following methods:
A. Bank Transfer: Here are our bank account details:

Code Banque

Code Agence

Numéro de compte






IAFL Sfax 2014
B. E-dinar:



If you plan to book yourself, you are strongly advised to do so as early as possible. A list of hotels within
walking distance of the conference venue is available at this link. Should you need any help to arrange for
your stay at one of the hotels listed, please send a message to iafl2014.sfax@gmail.com
We have also set aside rooms (single & double) at the conference venue hotel, the Golden Tulip Hotel(*),
Sfax—Tunisia, with special discounted rates for the IAFL 2014 conference-goers who wish to stay at the
conference venue. If you want us to book your stay at the conference venue hotel, please send a request to
To secure your room, you are strongly advised to make your reservation as early as possible. As availability
is limited, bookings will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that the rooms will be released
back to the hotel after 1st December 2014 and after this date you might not be able to book these rooms at the
discounted rates.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide
We look forward to welcoming you in Sfax, Tunisia in December!
Best wishes,
The IAFL Sfax 2014 LOC
You may also need these details:
1. Details & professional address of Miss. Takoua BECHA (Account Holder)
Secretary to the IAFL 2104 Organising Committee
Treasurer of the Tunisian Association of Forensic Linguistics
Laboratory on Approaches to Discourse,
Faculty of Letters and Humanities, University of Sfax
The airport road, km 4.5, 3000 Sfax—Tunisia
Email: iafl2014.sfax@gmail.com

2. Address of the Bank:
Agence BIAT
2 Avenue Farhat Hached, 6000 Gabes—Tunisie
Telephone number: 00216 75 278590
Fax: 00216 75 273 699
Email: biat41@biat.com.tn

Golden Tulip Hotel, Avenue Habib Bourguiba, 3000 Sfax—Tunisia. Website: http://www.goldentulipsfax.com/en/ Email:
info@goldentulipsfax.com Telephone Number: 00216 74 225700 (Click here to see the Golden Tulip hotel at Google maps)

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