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Extended Stay Cottages Roosevelt

A great alternative to a Hotel in Vernal, Roosevelt, or Duchesne.
Extended Stay Cottages is owned and operated by Joe and Terri Witt. Our goal is to
provide a affordable, clean, comfortable place for you to stay while in Roosevelt,
Duchesne, or Vernal, Utah.

Our 7 Cottages Include

Satellite TV
Wireless internet
Washer and dryer
Kitchenette w/ hotplate or Kitchen
Full size refrigerator
Linens and bedding
Towels, wash cloths, hand towels
Dishes and utensils
Weekly maid service
Private and secure parking
Unlimited hot water
Central heat and air conditioning
Keyless entry

Motels in Vernal Utah
Cottage #1 This cottage is our fresh, beautiful
executive suite. This suite is finished to make you
feel at home. We hope you enjoy the charming
wood floors and delightful custom cabinetry we
offer in our spacious kitchenette. Unlike the
typical motels in Vernal Utah, you will find our 2
queen size beds to be enticing, restful, and clean!
Cottage #2
Cottage #2 is modest and inviting for 1-2 guests.
There are two private bedrooms. One offers a
pleasant queen size bed & the other offers a soft,
delightful twin size bed.
The kitchenette is sufficient with custom
cabinetry, full size refrigerator, microwave, & tidy
area to prepare food.
Cottage 2 is pleasing to the eye and provides an
adequate home for your short or long stay!

Maid Service
Our maid cleaning service comes in weekly to do all the deep cleaning, changing
sheets, and exchange of towels. Your maid service frequency may be arranged
with Terri Witt. Your rental rates will be adjusted upon the request of your service.
There are towels, wash cloths, toilet paper and soap sufficient for an eight day
stay. There will be a $50.00 service charge for any maid calls requesting extra
Extra blankets are located in the closet or in the chest at the end of your bed.
Please leave any used blankets or dishes out so that the maid can properly wash
them for the next quest.
Please let our maid know of any kind of accidental spills, stains or damages. A
simple note would be sufficient. We want to keep our cottage as professional and
clean as possible.
Any damages to the Cottages will be evaluated by the maid and owner. Your credit
card will be charged for any kind of negligent abuse.

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