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Horseback Riding Tours
Welcome to our horseback riding vacation website. Here you will find over 400 exciting
equestrian tours all over the world with detailed descriptions, slide shows, videos, trip reports
and more.

Cattle Drives Horseback Riding
Out in the West during spring and fall it is cattle moving time.
Large herds of cattle need to be driven between the summer and
winter range, or moved for shipping. On a cattle drive you might
be traveling 6 to 12 miles a day in a straight line, but you will have
ridden three times that much bringing in the strays from the
flanks. The evenings are a very special time around the campfire.
It's still like it was a hundred years ago. Cattle drives are a time
where you can get back to life's essentials, and where friendships
are formed. The horse riding pace on cattle drives is usually slow and accommodations mostly
quite basic in tents. The well-trained horses, the romance and the very special ambiance of
cattle drive trips make it a wonderful experience.

Guest Ranches Horseback Riding
Hidden Trails’ guest ranches give you the opportunity to relax and get away from it all, whilst
staying in one place. You will be able to participate in some great horseback riding, maybe read
a book, and partake in other activities around the guest ranch.
Hidden Trails’ Dude Ranches, Riding Resorts, Estancias and
Haciendas are all excellent guest ranch options. Hidden Trails has
taken great care to select only those guest ranches that offer a
quality horseback riding program, with good service and some
nice amenities. These guest ranches pride themselves on a
wonderful personal experience. Some of them still run cattle
next to their guest ranch operation; others have specialized in family vacations with activities
for youngsters; whilst others are more adult oriented. A few of our guest ranches also run
special horse programs.

Hidden Trails
Hidden Trails is owned and operated by nature enthusiasts who love horses and outdoor
adventure activities. We have all been involved with riding and other outdoor vacations for the
last 18 years. With our partners Pegasus in Germany and Equitour in Switzerland and France we
have collected some of the best vacation destinations all over the world with some hidden

places we would like to share with you. The trips on this website are the best you can find they have been tested and received our stamp of approval.

Horseback riding vacations in USA
North America, with its wide open spaces and tradition of exploring the undiscovered, is still
the ultimate destination for horse lovers!
With hundreds of horse riding holidays and horseback tour opportunities, the United States of
America and Canada offer cowboy tradition, vast wilderness and the genuine hospitality of the
guest and working ranches.

In North America it is easy to find a horseback riding vacation to fulfill your lifelong dreams!
Explore the Rocky Mountains on a wilderness pack trip, canter across the pretty coastal
beaches of California, drive a herd of horses in Idaho, muster cattle on a working ranch in
Montana, join a Cow Girl Camp in New Mexico, ride from inn to inn exploring Utah - the list of
the horse vacations available goes on and on, there are far too many horse riding options to
mention here!
Regardless of whether you join Hidden Trails on a pack trip to faraway regions, riding from inn
to inn, work and play at a cattle or guest ranch, or opt to combine your horse riding with
fishing, the USA and Canada are the right places to look for your adventure horse tour! of the
"Wild West".

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