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PARIS 2014
Hotel reservations can ONLY be made through the Organizer on a first come first
served basis.
On the basis of the accommodation request and invoicing details an invoice for
payment will be made by e-mail.
2. After the receipt of funds (100%) a confirmation letter is issued with all the details of
the reservation.
3. 100% payment for hotel reservations must be received on the bank account of bank
LCL by 20 october 2014.
4. Partial and complete cancellations made before 20 october 2014 will qualify for a full
refund on the bank account of a requestor with 8 working days.
5. No refund will be issued for cancellations made after 20 october 2014, 12:00 local
6. Hotel check-in time is 14:00, check-out time is 12:00.
7. Early arrival from 00:00 to 12:00 is charged as a full day. Breakfast is provided.
8. Late check-out from 12:00 till 16:00 will not be charged (complimentary gift of the
Late check-out from 16:00 to 18:00 will be charged as 1/2 of the full day. Check-out
after 18:00 will be charged as a full day.
9. Extra services (mini-bar, telephone calls, laundry services, taxi etc.) will be charged
on the guest’s account.
10. Any broken object or damage will be charged to the guest’s account according to
the hotel price list.
11. Preferences and special requests will be considered and satisfied if possible.
Please, contact the organizers for any special requests (early check-in, extra meals,
etc.). Under the condition that the reservation was made in the times.
12. The hotel registers foreign guests. A migration card is needed (it is issued on a
plane and at the customs control).
The Organizing country should not request fee penalties for countries which cannot
make bank transfers but can pay in cash money upon arrival. On the other hand, they
should inform well in advance the organizing country and specify the number of
participants before the deadline.
Possible reservations of extra rooms at the check-in will also be surcharged with 10%.
Only if there is still available rooms. NO exceptions will be made. All bank fees and
bank transfer costs are to be paid by the participation federation.

All damages to property of hotels or venues resulting from the stay of a national
delegation shall be charged to federation and paid in full.

Bank transfer account
Payment is made in EURO to the bank account of LCL within 10
calendar days after the invoice is issued.
Beneficiary’s Name: F.F.J.D.A.
Bank A/C No: FR94 3000 2007 9700 0000 4057 D27
Bank Address: 19 boulevard des Italiens, 75002 Paris, France
Responsible person for accommodation: Mr Vincent MATCZAK
Tel: +33 (0) - wc2014jujitsu@ffjudo.com

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JJ NW WC Paris 2014 – Outlines

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