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Locksmith Burlington Nc
Busse's Lock Service was founded on a back porch in 1982 by the Busse family.
Since then we've grown into a Raleigh fixture, with a retail shop and three mobile
shops. The Busses have been very active in the locksmith industry, teaching
classes to others and serving on the NC Locksmith Licensing Board and the board
of the NC Locksmith's Association
Busse's Lock Service offers many products and services to ensure that your home
and business are secure and operate smoothly:
• Safe opening and repair
• Rekeying, from a simple house rekey to master keying an entire office
• Electronic access control (card or fob entry, keypad locks, etc.)
• Repair and replacement keys for office furniture and antique furniture
• Lock repair and installation for home and business
• Duplicate keys for home, auto and business
• Automotive lock service (at our shop only)
Busse's has eight licensed locksmiths on staff -- with combined experience of over
120 years -- ready to serve you. We take pride in providing honest service at an
honest price.
Locksmith Scam Warning
Beware of unlicensed "discount" locksmiths. The entire
country has been infested with them for several years
now. Here are two national news stories on the issue .

Here are some of the danger signs:
They advertise very aggressively, both in phone books and on the
internet. Legitimate locksmiths can count on referrals and repeat
They promise to do work for unreasonably low prices. Anyone who
claims to send a skilled tradesman to your home for $20 is not
operating a legitimate business!
They often appear to have multiple addresses. It seems that their
shop or office is right around the corner, even though you've never
seen or heard of them before.
They offer a toll-free number or multiple "local" numbers.
They do not have a locksmith license (NC locksmiths must be
licensed, and are required to include the license number in their ads).
They have several generic business names. Often you can see on the
website that the company is operating under multiple names.
When you call, the person on the phone demonstrates no familiarity
with your town.
When they show up, suddenly your project is "more complicated"
and the price escalates dramatically. They often insist on payment in
cash, and use intimidating tactics to collect.
For the most part, the scammers are not local folks. It is difficult to
pinpoint the connections among all of them, but it seems that most
of them are part of an organized crime syndicate that brings young
men from Israel as their "locksmiths."
Key Duplication
At Busse's Lock Service, we've got your keys. We can copy the
keys that stump hardware and home improvement stores.
They stock perhaps a dozen or so types of key. We stock
thousands! Here are just a few of the kinds of keys that you'll find at our shop:

High-security "laser-cut" keys
Transponder "chip" keys
Antique keys for furniture or door locks
Motorcycle keys
Keys by code
Unusual or hard-to-find keys for almost anything
Our professional locksmiths are here to help you Monday through Friday, from 85. Call us at 919-828-9605 or e-mail us with your questions, or just come on down
to the shop!
Access Control
Busse's Lock Service provides custom solutions for your access control needs.
Access control can be as simple as a single keypad lock or as
comprehensive as a system controlling thousands of users with
access ID badges and dozens of doors with custom schedules. It
can also offer the safety and convenience of a receptionist's
button to control visitor access into your facility.
At Busse's, we listen to your specific security concerns and help you determine
what features you need and what will work for your budget.
Break the cycle of repeated rekeying and key distribution. Gain control of your
facility once and for all with a custom access control solution from Busse's Lock
Service. Popular locations for access control are pools and clubhouses, medical
offices, jewelry and other retail stores, schools, hospitals, apartment buildings,
and offices.

For more information please visit

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