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Maggie Gorse
Managing Director at VERLION Private Limited

Maggie Gorse speaks for "Standup for African Mothers" an initiative by AMREF to raise the funds to train 15
000 mid-wives in order to radically improve infant and mother survival and health in Africa.
Give to the cause!
Maggie has been named to the Advisory Board of startup MyLuxuryShopper, bridging east and west.
Maggie has been named a Fellow of the Mauritius Institute of Directors.
She is also on the Advisory Committee of BMI (Baltic Management Institute), the leading academic institution
in the Baltics.
She is a Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.
She is a Member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, and a Member of the Finance Committee.
News! Maggie has just been named Special Observer to the Board of TII - Technology Innovation
She has also been invited as a keynote speaker for the Zhongguancun Forum 2013 on International Innovation,
for her work on New Business Models.
She has been named to the Advisory Board of Digital Ingenuity, a Korean-Indian start-up in the media
monetization space.

Managing Director at VERLION Private Limited
January 2014 - Present (10 months)
Verlion Pte Ltd provides innovative ideas for executives in Value Creation and New Business Models, and is
situated in the dynamic hub of Asia, a region of the world that is leading change. Attracted by the forward
looking economic policies being adopted in this part of the world, Maggie Gorse felt that her own ideas about
economic transformation and the knowledge economy would be best shared and developed in this
environment. Verlion offers consulting and executive training services.
Managing Director and Owner at Gorse Analysts
December 1989 - December 2013 (24 years 1 month)
As an international specialist of New Business Models, she is an advisor to CEO’s of major multi-nationals as
well as to start-ups, Maggie Gorse has provided companies in a wide range of industries in Europe, North
Africa and Asia with 30 years of practical consulting and training for their business models. As Consultant
and Professor, Maggie Gorse has developed several conceptual business designs to give innovators and
entrepreneurs the guidelines to help them assess the impact of economic shifts on their business, and apply
relevant Business Models for the launch of new products or activities. She is active on the advisory board of


several start-ups.
Maggie Gorse keeps pace with intellectual developments in business through her role as visiting professor in
several MBA programs around the world, notably for the Executive MBA of ESSEC Business School in
France. She has received several awards in this capacity, specifically she was awarded « Best Professor of the
Executive MBA » several years in a row, at ESSEC, and also at Temple University. She teaches in the
Entrepreneurship Diploma of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, the Executive MBA of Mannheim
Business School, Germany and the Baltic Management Institute in Lithuania. She has taught at Fudan
University on the Financial Crisis, and delivered a course at TongJi University in Shanghai on Doing
Business in Europe for the International MBA.
She is regularly invited to speak at international conferences, notably on economic transformation and new
business models, most recently as a keynote speaker at the Zhongguancun Forum 2013 on International
Innovation. As a member of TII (Technology Innovation International) she presents new concepts and runs
workshops in international forums organized by that institution.
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Regional Pricing Director at IBM European Headquarters
1983 - 1988 (5 years)
Financial Plans & Controls at IBM European Headquarters
1976 - 1983 (7 years)
Financial Analyst, Business Planning, Task Force new business specialist

Distinctions et prix
Laureat "Best External Professor" ESSEC Business School 2014
ESSEC Foundation Teaching Awards Committee
September 2014
The "Teaching Award Committee" of the ESSEC Foundation is composed of the President of the School, the
Dean of Faculty, the Dean of Academic Programs, the Dean of Executive Education, representatives from the
ESSEC Foundation and from the students.
Each year they evaluate the best professors of the Business School, and distinguish those who have made a
marked contribution.

Mauritius Institute of Directors
September 2013 to Present
French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Member of Finance Committee
January 2014 to Present
Technology Innovation International
Member and Special Observer on the Board
April 2013 to Present
American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
April 2014 to Present

English, French, conversational Spanish

Compétences et expertise
Management Consulting
Business Strategy
Strategic Planning
Business Planning
Business Development
Executive Coaching
Program Management
Project Management
Marketing Strategy
Change Management
New Business Development
Strategic Financial Planning
Business Model Innovation
Corporate Finance
Risk Management
Cross-functional Team Leadership
Executive Management
Organizational Development
International Business
Strategic Partnerships
Team Management



Columbia Business School
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Finance, Marketing and International Business, 1975 - 1976
Swarthmore College
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Mathematics and Philosophy


Maggie Gorse
Managing Director at VERLION Private Limited

1 personne a recommandé Maggie
"Maggie recently managed a fantastic seminar on Value creation for Clarins Finance team. She is beyond
sharp and knowledgeable : she has that rare talent to present powerful concepts simply. Brilliant, highly
— Vincent Dabosville, a été client de Maggie

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