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Nom original: texte anglais.pdf

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There was a woman who was going out of her job. Her name was Jane; she was tall
and dark haired. She had a lot of money with her, it was all she earned today. It was dark
at night, about 8 p.m. She went to the bank to give the money.
She was frightened because she was alone. The street was deserted. She knew it was
dangerous to have money at night.
Suddenly, a man behind a bush arrived. He was wearing a black sweat and we
couldn’t see his face. He came nearer and Jane turned back and saw him. She screamed
and ran away. When she was trying to escape, she fell. The man who was behind Jane
took her bag where the money was. He ran away but a group of young people stopped
him and took Jane’s bag.
Two of them were holding the gangster and the two others were helping Jane and
gave her bag back. They called the police. The police arrived and arrested the gangster.

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