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 Rentals  and  Business  Development  Associate  
We  are  a  large  player  in  our  industry  and  booked  over  1000  rentals  worldwide  last  year.  LuxYatchs  has  been  
booking  rentals  worldwide  since  2000  when  our  first  office  in  Australia  opened.  LuxYatchs  Incorporated  in  the  US  in  2006  and  
has  rapidly  expanded  our  share  of  the  North  American  market.    
Ø Location:  Trump  Tower,  725  5th  Ave,  New  York,  NY  10022  
Ø Contract:  Full  time,  40  hours/week  during  business  hours.  
Position  Overview:  
The  Rentals  and  Business  Development  Associate  is  responsible  for  assisting  the  General  Manager  with  running  and  
developing  various  marketing  campaigns  and  client  communication  relating  to  the  rent  process.  Tasks  associated  with  this  
position  include  (but  are  not  limited  to):  
Ø International  Business  
Ø Business  Development,    
Ø Travel/Tourism,    
Ø Marketing,    
Ø E-­‐commerce,    
Ø Rentals/Sales
Customer  Service  
Main  Responsibilities:  
Ø Preparing  price  quotes  for  clients  
Ø Rental  of  yacht
Handling  aftersales  questions  and  paperwork  
Ø Creating  regular  email  newsletters  to  be  sent  to  Canada  and  US  
Ø Provide  support  to  the  general  manager  as  required  for  completing  their  duties  
Qualifications  Preferred:  
Ø Attention  to  detail  and  excellent  written,  and  communication/presentation  skills  
Ø Sales  and  customer  service  experience  
Ø An  interest  in  yachting/sailing,  international  business,  travel,  marketing,  sales  
Ø Strong  communication  and  interpersonal  skills  
Ø Previous  office  experience  
Ø Familiarity  with  Microsoft  Excel  and  Word  
Compensation  and  terms:  
Ø Start  date  is  as  soon  as  possible  
Ø 3  month  trial  period  to  start  
Ø Eligible  for  an  employee  sponsored  health  insurance  after  3  months  
Ø The  option  of  below  retail  rates  on  travel  is  possible  for  the  right  person  
Ø Potential  for  travel  nationally/internationally  to  assist  with  boat  shows  
Ø Salary  in  the  low  30’s  to  start.  For  the  right  person  this  position  will  to  grow  into  a  role  eligible  for  commission  or  
To  apply,  please  send  your  resume  to  ,  adressed  to  Mr  Aussant  and  Mr  Barral,  the  North  American  General  
Managers,  and  including  a  cover  letter  explaining,  “Why  I’m  perfect  for  this  career”.  

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