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...these are the equivalent carbon framework of the essential amino acids, but they lack the
ammonia to make the complete essential amino acid. Potato happens to be very rich in these,
probably a lot of fruits are, but they haven’t been analyzed. But we did, we juiced potato and ran it
on paper formatograph and saw that it was very rich in all of the equivalents of the essential amino
acids. But when you test it chemically, it has a very low amount of protein in the potato. But when
you eat it, these keto-acids are changed once they get into your blood stream. Just by absorbing
ammonia, they change into the essential amino acids and support protein synthesis.
So if a person has very low kidney function and can’t get rid of a lot of urea, instead of needing
dialysis, if they eat these keto-acids instead of protein, they can recycle their ammonia over and
over instead of making it into urea, which needs to be excreted. Potatoes are a very rich source of
this protein equivalent such that if you mash two pounds of potatoes, you can think of it as being
equivalent to a quart of milk for protein value and it also has a good balance of all the other
nutrients. So if you juice it and get rid of the starch, then you have an extremely concentrated,
high value nutrient.

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