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Market Research Recruiting
David Scott Healthcare Marketing, Inc. provides a
team of more than 25 professionals who bring more
than 300 years of combined healthcare management
and marketing expertise. They offer a wealth of
experience in hospital consulting, practice
management, long-term care, market research,
respondent recruiting, insurance payer contracting, occupational health
Advanced-level professionals specialize in sales, advertising, graphic design
and public relations. Included are individuals with extensive backgrounds in
video production (TV, radio, corporate, educational, etc.), website design,
customer service training, social media, search engine optimization, provider
credentialing and much more.

Marketing and Business Plans
David Scott Healthcare Marketing will create, develop and
implement strategic marketing and business plans specifically
targeted to your needs, whether your organization is a private
or group practice, a hospital or ancillary facility, a pharma
manufacturer, a health-related product company, senior care
facility, a managed care organization or other entity. In
addition, marketing plans can be developed for those
companies wanting to market to healthcare professionals and
We have executed successful plans for most types of companies listed on the
Home Page. Strategies within the marketing and business plans have been
targeted to a variety of entities, including:

Market Research Services and Market Research
David Scott Healthcare Marketing directs qualitative and
quantitative market research studies designed to collect
valuable data from targeted and competitive markets.
DSHM has conducted a multitude of successful research
studies internationally. This success is often contributed
to the fact that our company has a 100% track record in
participant and respondent recruiting, and is extremely
knowledgeable and experienced in health care. Projects by
DSHM have been implemented in:
The United States
Latin America
England (United Kingdom / UK)
The Netherlands
Other European Countries
Able to manage research projects and recruiting in additional countries.

For more information please visit

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