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Arthur FRITZ
6 rue du Ried
Cell phone : +33(0) 6 84 25 49 77
Email :

• Sept 2013 to Present - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Eau, l'Energie et l'Environnement (ENSE3)
a leading French school in energy, hydraulics and environmental engineering, part
of Grenoble INP (Grenoble Institure of Technology).
Specialization: product Design engineering and Management
Masters degree expected: July 2016
• Sept 2011 to June 2013- Pre-engineering School- preparation in maths and physics for the
competitive exams to French "Grandes Ecoles", in Strasbourg FRANCE
• June 2011 - French Baccalaureate (French high school diploma) with the European Option passed
with the highest honors.
Majors in: Math, Science and French

Work Experience
• June-July 2014: Student operator internship in Lohr (specialized in the design and manufacture of
transportation systems for goods and people), Alsace. Learn how to use laser cutting machines.
• July 2011: Instructor in a children's camp in Auvergne, FRANCE.

Aditionnal Skills
• Computer skills: - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
- CAD: Solidworks, CATIA, Creo.
- Numerical Computing : Matlab
- Video editing: Adobe After Effect, Sony Vegas
• Languages: - Native French speaker
- English: solid skills both written and oral. Scored 92% on BULATS, March 2014
- German: reading knowledge and oral abilities. Home located 2mi from Germany.
• Other : - BAFA- diploma to become a children's camp instructor in 2012
- Driving licence since April 2011

Interests & extra-curricular activities
• Sports: -Basket-ball, regional level, Alsace's vice champion in 2011
- Downhill Mountain Bike
- Member of the university volleyball team
- Badminton, ski, trekking, jogging.
• Students Activities : - Member of the Sport Office of the university
- Organized events for student population of over 300
• Other: - Music: played the trombone for 10 years
- Fishing since 1998

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