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Personal  Representative’s  Monthly  Newsletter  







September  2014  



A  Monthly  Newsletter  from  the  Personal  Representative  

Fighting  to  end  Sexual  Violence  and  
the  Recruitment  of  Children  into  
armed  groups  in  the  Democratic  
Republic  of  the  Congo.  

President   Kabila’s  Personal   Representative   Jeanine  Mabunda  (second   from  left)  at  the  United  Nations  with  
Special   Representative   Zainab   Bangura,   Ambassador   Jan   Eliasson,   Special   Representative   Leila   Zerrougui  
and  DRC  Ambassador  Ignace  Gata.  

President  Kabila  appoints  Personal  Representative  to  fight  sexual  
violence  and  child  recruitment  into  armed  groups  in  DRC.  
On   July   8,   2014,   President   Joseph   Kabila  
fulfilled   his   commitment   to   the   Congolese  
people   and   the   international   community  
by   appointing   Jeanine   Mabunda   as   his  
personal   representative   to   eradicate  
sexual   violence   and   the   recruitment   of  
children   into   armed   groups   in   the  
Democratic  Republic  of  the  Congo  (DRC).    
Personal   Representative   Mabunda   has  
since   begun   interacting   with   different  
stakeholders,   including   DRC   ministries   of  
Justice,   Gender,   and   Defense,   Non-­‐
Governmental  Organizations  (NGO)  United  
Nations  agencies  and  donors.    
One   month   after   her   nomination,   Ms.  
Mabunda   conducted   a   listening   visit   to  
Goma,   the   capital   of   Nord   Kivu   Province,  
where   she   met   with   survivors   of   sexual  
violence,   civil   society   groups,   civil   and  
military   justice   officials   and   others   who  
struggle  with  impunity  on  a  daily  basis.    
In   addition   to   hearing   more   about  


numerous     challenges,   Ms.   Mabunda  
witnessed   the   dedication   of   a   Forces  
Armées  de   la   République  Démocratique   du  
Congo’s   (FARDC)   officer  in  the   fight   against  
sexual   violence.   A   FARDC   major   pleaded  
with  Ms.  Mabunda  to  help  local  authorities  
try  10  soldiers  arrested  for  sexual  violence  
crimes  in  Rutshuru.  Lack  of  a  mobile  court  
prosecuting  these  soldiers.  
 In   cooperation   with   the   Congolese  
population,   relevant   DRC   ministries,  
traditional   and   religious   leaders,   the  
international  community,  NGO   and  others,  
Ms.   Mabunda   will   help   drive   survivor   and  
prevention  focused  policy  solutions.  
In   October,   Ms.   Mabunda   will   reveal   her  
action   plan   to   fight   sexual   violence   and  
child  recruitment  in  the  DRC.  She  will  focus  
on   six   areas:   statement   of   facts,   the   fight  
against   impunity,   reparations,   prevention  
through   education,   duty   of   memory   and  
communications  and  advocacy.  

Personal   Representative   Jeanine   Mabunda   meets  
sexual  violence  survivors  in  Goma,  Sud  Kivu  Province.  


her   first   official   public   task   as  
Representative,   Jeanine   Mabunda,  
conducted   a   listening   visit   in   Sud   Kivu  
Province   in   late   August.   Explaining   her  
mandate   and   hearing   firsthand   from  
Congolese   citizens   and   government  
officials,   the   international   community  
and   national   and   international   NGO  
how   sexual   violence   and   child  
recruitment   into   armed   groups   has  
shattered   lives   and   communities   in  
eastern   DRC,   Ms.   Mabunda   vowed   to  
work  closely  with  all  stakeholders  to  rid  
the   county   of   these   plagues.   The  
perspectives   gained   from   the   Sud   Kivu  
Province   listening   tour   is   also  
contributing   to   the   formulation   of   Ms.  
Mabunda’s  action  plan.  

 Personal  Representative’s  Monthly  Newsletter  

September  2014  

Personal  Representative  Mabunda  conducts  visit  to  UN  
At  the  invitation  of  Ms.  Zainab  Bangura,  Special  Representative  of  the  Secretary-­‐General  on  

Sexual   Violence   in   Armed   Conflict,   Ms.   Jeanine   Mabunda,   President   Kabila’s   Personal  
Representative  to  fight   sexual  violence  and  child   recruitment   in   the   Democratic  Republic  of  
the  Congo   (DRC),   conducted  a   three-­‐day   mission   to   the  United   Nations   (UN)   to   discuss  the  
extraordinary   challenges   facing   the   DRC   and   garner   support   from   UN   member   states   and  
During  the  September  3–5  visit,  Ms.  Mabunda  had  one-­‐on-­‐one  meetings  with  ambassadors  
and   high-­‐level   officials   from   the   five   permanent   Security   Council   (SC)   members;   China,  
France,  Russia,   the   United   Kingdom   and   the   United   States;   the   current  SC   Working   Group   on  
Children   in   Armed   Conflict   chair,   Luxembourg;  Japan,   the   United   Arab  Emirates  and  Belgium,  
among   others.   She   also   met   with   Ms.   Leila   Zerrougui,   Special   Representative   of   the  
Secretary-­‐General   on   Children   and   Armed   Conflict,   Ambassador   Jan   Eliasson,   Deputy  
Secretary-­‐General  of  the  UN,  and  the  NGO  Working  Group  on  Women,  Peace  and  Security.    
Ms.   Mabunda   discussed   the   areas   of   focus   for   her   office,   including   prevention   through  
education,  comprehensively  addressing  impunity,  and  reparations  in  the  fight  against  sexual  
violence   and   expanding   the   DRC   government’s   cooperation   with   the   international  
community.   She   also   emphasized   that   Congolese   citizens   and   communities   impacted   by  
sexual   violence   and   child   recruitment   need   tangible   peace   dividends   after   the   defeat   of    
illegal  armed  groups  in  the  DRC.    
While  the  DRC  is  leading  the  fight  against  sexual  violence  and  child  recruitment  into  armed  
groups,   Ms.   Mabunda   also   stressed   that   a   variety   of   assistance   from   the   international  
community  is  required  to  eradicate  these  plagues  in  Africa’s  second  largest  country.  

Comprehensive  Strategy  on    
Combating  Sexual  Violence  in  DRC  
On   August   29,   2014,   the   Democratic  
Republic   of   the   Congo’s   (DRC)   Ministry   of  
Defense   and   the   United   Nations,   through  
the   Office   of   the   Special  Representative   of  
the   Secretary-­‐General   for   Sexual   Violence,  
jointly   adopted   the   Forces   Armées   de   la  
République   Démocratique   du   Congo’s  
(FARDC)   Action   Plan   to   fight   sexual  
The   groundbreaking   plan,   the   first   of   its  
kind   in   the   world,   outlines   comprehensive  
measures  FARDC  will  implement  to  combat  
sexual   violence   in   the   DRC.   Steps   to  
sensitize   Congolese   armed   force’s   officers  
on  the  impact  of  sexual  violence  on  victims,  
communities   and   the   country   as   a   whole,  
and   establishing   a   monitoring   and  
evaluation   process   is   central   to   the   plan.    
Obtaining  zero  cases  of  rape  committed  by  
members   of   FARDC   and   the   Police  
Nationale   Congolaise   is   the   overall  
objective  of  the  plan,  which  was  praised  by  
the  United  Kingdom’s   Secretary  of  State  for  
Foreign  Affairs,  William  Hague.  
Officials   from   the   DRC   ministries   of  
Defense,  Gender,  and  Justice  participated  in  
a   two-­‐day   workshop   on   the   plan   held   in  
Kinshasa,  the  DRC  capital.  

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UN  Security  Council  debate  on  children  in  armed  conflict  
On  September  8,  the  United  Nations  (UN)  Security  Council  conducted  an  all-­‐day  debate  on  

children   in   armed   conflict.   Ms.   Leila   Zerrougui,   Special   Representative   of   the   Secretary-­‐
General   for  Children  and  Armed  Conflict,  noted   gains  and  existing   challenges   to   ending  the  
killing,  recruiting  and  other  abuses  of  children  during  armed  conflict  across  the  globe.    
The   latest   Secretary-­‐General’s   report   on   children   in   armed   conflict,   S/2014/339,   detailed  
progress   made   in   the   DRC,   which   remains   listed   as   a   country   where   children   are   recruited  
into  armed  groups.    
Speaking   during   the   debate,   the   DRC   Ambassador   to   the   UN,   the   Honorable   Ignace   Gata,  
stated   that   while   illegal   armed   groups   still   recruit   Congolese   children,   measures   the  
government  has  put  in  place  have  eliminated  the  practice  within  FARDC,  including.    
• Using   biometric   data,   which   has   also   removed   tens   of   thousands   of   “ghost”   soldiers  
from  FARDC’s  payroll.    
• Granting   access   to   military   sites   for   verification   purposes   by   child   protection   actors,  
including  the  UN  Organization  Stabilization  Mission  in  the  DRC  and  UNICEF.    
• Signing  and  implementing  the  United  Nation’s   Children  Not  Soldiers  campaign.  
• On-­‐going  implementation  of  a  joint   DRC-­‐UN  2012   Action  Plan  that  criminalizes  the  use  
of  children  in  armed  forces  and  combats  sexual  violence.      
Ambassador   Gata   also   cited   President   Kabila’s   appointment   of   Jeanine   Mabunda   as   his  
personal   representative   to   spearhead   efforts   to   strengthen   measures   the   DRC   government  
currently  has  in  place   and   introduce  additional   measures   to   ensure  that  FARDC  remains  free  
of  child  soldiers.  

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