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Sensitivity Training
One-on-one sensitivity training is an important tool in helping those employees for whom other
training has not been effective. Perhaps they did not respond well to on-line training, or they
were reluctant to ask questions that directly related to their own situations, and now are
accused of harassment or discrimination. We provide support for these employees through a
training program that is taught on-site by one of our attorney/trainers, and includes discussions
with management and Human Resources regarding specific allegations, the results of your
investigation, and your desired outcomes.
Meeting content includes:
The causes of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and workplace bullying
Why most disrespectful behavior is unintentional
The legal definition of harassment, discrimination and retaliation
Discussion of "welcome" vs. "unwelcome" attention
How to apply the definition to examples including the specific accusation
Management's duty to prevent harassment
Review of company policies and procedures
Legal requirements to institute discipline
Guidelines for future conduct
Format: One-on-one. This program is updated annually and includes your organization's policies
and procedures, case studies and extensive Q & A. Our instructors are seasoned attorneys,
experienced trainers, and skilled facilitators. This program has been successful in reducing
hostility in people accused of harassment and discrimination, increasing their understanding of
the legal parameters in which the company must act, and obtaining their buy-in to the process.
Our clients report that participants are grateful to them for providing this service.
Length: Three hours.
For classroom training please see our Respectful Workplace program and for online training see
our harassment prevention webinar.

For more information please visit

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